Monthly Archives: July 2016

Did Democrats Really Win the Summer?

David Brooks had an interesting column in the New York Times yesterday lambasting the Republican Party for ceding the summer to the Democrats, especially during their recent conventions. His column proceeds to go through a laundry list of issues Trump’s nomination has allowed the Democrats to take as their own like: Judeo-Christian values, decency, patriotism, optimism, and self rule. He… Read more »

Presidential Debate Schedule

The race for the White House is officially underway now that both party’s have chosen their nominees. For the next three months, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will embark on a nasty, exhausting campaign to convince enough voters in about 10 battleground states to trust them to hold the most powerful office on earth. Each rally, each ad, and each contact… Read more »

A Few Choice Words From Noam Chomsky

As we (some of us, anyway) bask briefly in the glow of Hillary Clinton’s barrier breaking nomination tonight, and with altogether too many people predicting massive hordes of alleged progressives voting for Donald Trump or simply not voting because they feel personally offended by some aspect of Hillary Clinton’s persona, let us have a few words from actual leftist Noam… Read more »

Adventures In Conventionland

Today’s journalism project was a wild cavalry ride across the convention floor, leading to a daring raid on the Maryland delegation’s colors. Refusing to surrender, I fought courageously through security, the Secret Service and several food service workers back to freedom, where I was greeted as a hero by the media and other less privileged attendees at the convention. Really?… Read more »