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New Raskin LD: Will Roberts

MCYD President Will Roberts announced on Facebook today that he has been hired by incoming CD8 Congressman Jamie Raskin as his legislative director.  I’m really proud and extremely excited to announce that, in January, I’ll be headed back to the Hill to serve as Legislative Director for Congressman Jamie Raskin. He’s a constitutional scholar and progressive champion with a long history… Read more »

BREAKING: Raskin Nabs Leadership Post

CD8 Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin has been named to represent the incoming Democratic freshman class on the influential Steering and Policy Committee. Here’s the press release from Raskin: Raskin Chosen by New Members for Influential Democratic Leadership Post Rep.-Elect Raskin Will Serve on the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin (MD-8) will serve on the influential House Democratic… Read more »

No, David Trone Did Not Play Spoiler in CD8: Raskin Just Won

A couple of weeks ago, I said the one thing I have learned throughout the 2016 primary season is to not overreact to the results of a single poll or a particular primary contest. The more I think about it, in addition to not overreacting, the main thing I would say I learned this year is that conventional wisdom is anything… Read more »

CD8 Precincts: Legislative District 19

Whatever we saw in the LD16/18/20 analysis, throw that out from here on in. It’s David Trone’s world, y’all upcounty and Frederick/Carroll folks just live in it. In the remaining four LDs of Montgomery County, Trone got 40.2% of the vote to Matthews’ 30.7% to Raskin’s 29.1%. LD19 is an interesting place. Its representation in Annapolis is solidly progressive, but… Read more »

CD8 Precincts: Legislative District 16 

Before I begin, let me reiterate the admonition that I started with in D20 but left out of the D18 post: the precinct numbers that I’ve been reporting DO NOT include those who participated in early voting. Given the enormous increase in the use of early voting this year, it is entirely conceivable that in some cases, the precinct results… Read more »

CD8 Precincts: Legislative District 18

The theme here was “Trone fights Matthews to a draw on her home turf, and while no one is looking, Raskin finishes first.” Kathleen Matthews saw her vote split largely in half by Trone, killing her chances of building a base. In fact, she lost her own home precinct (07-01). The difference between 18 and 16 is that Trone won… Read more »

CD8 Spreadsheets: Legislative District 20

So off we go on our scenic tour of the 8th Congressional District. I’m doing these roughly in the order I did them yesterday and this morning, and I’m a big believer in starting at home. 22 out of the 26 LD20 precincts are in CD8, representing a little under 12% of Election Day turnout. As is usual, D20 is… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: CD8 Numbers & Analysis

You want numbers? Oh, I’ve got numbers. Lots and lots of numbers. In fact, I’m pretty sure my numbers are more accurate than the moving circus tent that is the Montgomery County Board of Elections. How bad is it? Well, right now they’re reporting two different sets of county totals in the CD8 race, one on the state election site… Read more »