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Democrats Top Focus in the Midterms Should be Governor’s Races

Let’s face it, Democrats have had a pretty rough go of it lately. Ever since President Obama’s route in 2008, the party has suffered devastating losses in three of the four elections since. In 2009, Democrats had the White House, a majority in the House with 257 seats under party control, 58 seats in the Senate that later became 60 due… Read more »

Hogan Reform Gambit Part Deux: Ethics, Lobbying And Redistricting Reform

On the heels of Governor Hogan’s request for background checks on legislative appointees, the governor today also rolled out four new bills dealing with ethics, lobbying and redistricting reform. Gov. Larry Hogan Thursday announced a set of proposed measures he said would reform state government in the wake of a number of recent criminal and ethics investigations of state and… Read more »

Supreme Court Upholds Virgina’s New Congressional Districts

The Supreme Court gave redistricting reform advocates, and by extension Democrats, a big win this morning when it unanimously rejected a challenge by Virginia Republicans to a court ordered map drawn by a three judge that drastically altered the state’s 3rd and 4th District, and marginally changed the 1st, 2nd, and 7th. Virginia’s new map came about after the same… Read more »

Supreme Court Rejects “One Man One Vote” Challenge

The Supreme Court today unanimously rejected a challenge to the principle of “one man, one vote” that was seeking to create legislative districts based on eligible voters, not population. This would have been an enormous boon for conservative, rural areas at the expense of more densely populated urban areas. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that states may satisfy “one person,… Read more »

Independent Redistricting – Again

Much has been written this week about Governor Larry Hogan’s second petulant hissy fit this month, which is quite frankly more childish and histrionic than the first one. Widening an already deep break with the General Assembly, Gov. Larry Hogan compared lawmakers Thursday to students on spring break, drawing a sharp rebuke from a leading Senate Democrat and mixed reviews from… Read more »

This Is Well Played, Sir

I am a strong proponent of redistricting reform in Maryland. The way we do things now is appalling. I think Democratic leadership has forfeited this popular and important issue by linking any changes under Maryland law to national reform – this is simply a way to say “no” to anything Larry Hogan says on the issue. I think that’s a… Read more »

MD Redistricting Case Update

The Maryland redistricting case was heard in the Supreme Court yesterday. While Post reporter Robert Barnes’ article provides a good insight into the oral argument, he makes an inexplicable error that I really hope is not based on what’s in the court file. Although about 40 percent of Maryland’s voters are Republicans, the state’s Democratic leadership drew its eight congressional districts… Read more »

Maryland Redistricting In The Supreme Court

A Maryland redistricting case that avoided significant notice when it was filed in 2013 – we lawyers never pay attention to cases filed by non-lawyers – is set for oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court this fall, opening up the prospect of a new line of challenges to political gerrymandering efforts not only here in Maryland but across the… Read more »

Josh Kurtz On Redistricting

With all the Senate race and John Delaney hullabaloo this week, and me being out of town, I missed Josh Kurtz’s return from vacation Monday. I’ve always said that Josh Kurtz guy was brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you. Read every word. He speaks the truth with a capital T. Here’s some of the religion he’s peddling. So it’s easy for… Read more »

Redistricting Reactions

The reaction to Larry Hogan’s creation of a commission to study redistricting has met with some interesting reactions. As I noted last week, both House Speaker Mike Busch and Senate President Mike Miller rejected the idea out of hand, not surprisingly as it would be their personal power to dictate the details of at least portions – if not all… Read more »