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House Of Delegates Campaign Finance Reports

So yesterday I did 47 Senate reports, and then I started getting requests for the House versions. “#$%#$ these people, man,” my inner grouch said. “That’s 141 reports, it’ll take all week.” Actually, it took me about three hours this afternoon. Because I’m OCD and ADD, and because, as always, I live to serve. Y’all are seriously welcome. If you… Read more »

How Much Cash Does My State Senator Have?

I think that’s a question we all want to know, don’t you? Well, whether you do or you don’t, you’re gonna find out, as I’ve just spent the past two hours compiling the whole list. You want a list by district, showing prior balance, amount raised, amount spent, and cash on hand? I got that. Also in that spreadsheet are… Read more »

MoCo Councilmember Campaign Finance Reports

As everyone knows, 2018 is going to be a year of massive upheaval in Rockville. Three term incumbent County Executive Ike Leggett and four members of the County Council (Roger Berliner, Marc Elrich, Nancy Floreen, and George Leventhal) are all term limited, and another Councilmember (Craig Rice) is looking to run for executive as well. Speculation is so rampant about… Read more »

Governor 2018: Fundraising Round 1 Goes To Hogan

And another round like this one might just end the bout before it even gets started. You know, because you read all my posts (no, “some” is not acceptable), that Larry Hogan raised $3,923,807 in the past year and has $4.6 million cash on hand. How huge is that number? Go back to 2013, take the annual reports of Doug… Read more »

Gubernatorial Fundraising: Hogan Puts Up A Huge Number

Governor Larry Hogan’s campaign finance report is out, and it’s a monster.   Let’s see what the likely Democratic challengers post for their numbers before we draw any final conclusions, but um, that’s a really big . . . number he’s got there. For reference purposes, Hogan spent far less than what he now has on hand in the 2014… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: One Stop Campaign Finance Report Shopping [UPDATED x3 WITH CURRENT SPREADSHEET @ 916 AM, 1/19]

UPDATE 3: Four new reports: Ariana Kelly, Rich Madaleno, Will Smith, and Sheila Hixson all got in under the wire late last night. Kathleen Dumais and Al Carr still have not filed, at least according to the website. The spreadsheet (see below) now has fundraising data for 30 out of 32 senators and delegates. UPDATE 2: Six new reports filed… Read more »

Kunes Elected MCDCC Chair, Raskin Pledges To Match $5K In Donations

Last night, Dave Kunes was elected chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee on a 23-3 vote. While that sounds boring, the meeting was anything but. Just ask Lou Peck, who was there or watch my videos, which can be found here and here.  I’ll keep my editorial comments to myself, but suffice it to say that I am very pleased… Read more »

Yawn: Clinton Leads Trump By 12 In ABC Poll

For those of you still smarting from the Post/ABC poll last week that showed Hillary Clinton with “only” a 4 point lead, I bring you tidings of great joy. ABC’s new poll, the first in its daily tracking polls leading up to the election, shows that Clinton has opened up a 12 point lead, a shift of 8 points in… Read more »

The Virus Rages Unchecked

Donald Trump is counting on me. For the second time today, he’s telling me so. I think I need some antibiotics, stat. Oooh, a “special message” from Little Donnie. I can hardly wait to not watch it. In fact, I think I’ll continue to not watch it, like, FOREVER. The enjoyment of not watching it WILL NEVER END. Burning question… Read more »

Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

While I knew I couldn’t hide forever, I was hoping to steer clear of the political equivalent of Zika virus. Alas, today it happened. Donald Trump found me. If El Caudillo del Mar-A-Lago is pinning his fundraising hopes on my help, we can cancel the rest of the campaign. Ain’t no way he gets anything me from me other than… Read more »