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Purple Line Advocates Prevail In Document Dispute With Chevy Chase 

Several years back, transit activist Ben Ross and Action Committee for Transit sought documents from the Town of Chevy Chase regarding the town’s heavy investment in lawyers to fight against the Purple Line. Chevy Chase first produced some documents but later sought to impose fees in advance for the production of the requested records. Instead, Ross and ACT sued, and… Read more »

Purple Line: Here’s What’s Coming

While in the end things will (hopefully*) work out for the Purple Line, it’s a long way from here to there, particularly for residential neighborhoods in Silver Spring and also in Prince George’s County. Katherine Shaver in the Post has a preview based on experiences with similar work now finishing up in Charlotte. Read the whole thing, etc., but here’s a… Read more »

Red Light For Purple Line

A federal judge in D.C. has vacated federal approval of the Purple Line and directed further traffic studies be done that take into account declining Metro ridership and WMATA’s ongoing safety woes. A federal judge on Wednesday vacated federal government approval of the Purple Line light-rail in a decision that could jeopardize the long-planned project set to start construction later this… Read more »

Purple Line Stop Sign?

On the same day that the federal Department of Transportation announced an $875 million construction loan for the Purple Line (green light), a federal judge suggested that Purple Line ridership numbers should be reevaluated to take account of Metro’s current safety and performance woes that have seen Metro use plummet (red light). Quite a day of whiplash for transit advocates and foes… Read more »

Purple Line PR Goes Awry

For months, local Silver Spring folks concerned about the impact of the Purple Line have been seeking a meeting to discuss their concerns with the MTA officials responsible for overseeing the project. MTA was able to delay that meeting until May 26, after the selection of the Purple Line concessionaire. Several hundred people came to the meeting, which was billed… Read more »

BREAKING: Purple Line Vendor Selected

And the contract goes to . . . Purple Line Transit Partners. Bethesda Magazine has the story. Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday the state has chosen Purple Line Transit Partners to build and help finance a 16.2 mile light-rail line that will stretch from Bethesda to New Carrolton in Prince George’s County. Purple Line Transit Partners is comprised of the global… Read more »

Purple Line Announcement Fakeout

Turns out the January 15 (i.e., today) deadline was not really a deadline. Bethesda Magazine: Maryland Transit Administration officials are still evaluating proposals from four teams that are bidding to build the estimated $2.2 billion, 16-mile light rail line. The MTA, in putting out a request for bids, had set Friday as the date it would notify a team it… Read more »

And The Purple Line Contract Goes To . . .

Well, according to the Washington Post, Maryland will notify the winning bidder on Friday. Or maybe not. Might be later. Might have already happened. Really. If the Maryland Transit Administration sticks to its published Purple Line schedule, the state will notify a selected bidder for the massive light-rail project Friday. Or maybe the state already has. Or maybe that’s been… Read more »

Four Purple Line Bids Submitted

The deadline was today. All four of the preferred bidders submitted “technical” proposals – financial details are due December 8. The Post reports: Maryland just moved another step closer to building a light-rail Purple Line in the Washington suburbs. As of noon Tuesday — the deadline for submitting “technical” bids — the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) had received proposals from four… Read more »

Another Cautionary P3 Tale

Maryland is about to enter the wild world of public private partnerships (known as P3s). Earlier this year, I wrote about Maryland’s fascination with a process that neighboring Virginia is abandoning, and then about a particularly egregious Virginia P3 horror story. Today, Michael Laris in the Post has another spooky Virginia P3 tale, this one about a new Norfolk tunnel. The… Read more »