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Bill Turque Gets His Funny On

In the continuing non-story about David Trone’s ads about who Jamie Raskin did or didn’t take money from, and Raskin’s overheated response thereto, Bill Turque has a good story on the Post website today. So good that Turque’s wife calls it “his funniest story evah.” I don’t know about THAT, but it definitely has some funny components to it. Here’s a bit of… Read more »

Emily’s List Lights $500K On Fire

Chris Van Hollen has opened up a lead of somewhere in the 10-15% range, there’s five days left until Election Day, and Donna Edwards is most likely very low on or completely out of money. What does Emily’s List do? Why, they decide that today is the perfect day to spend another $500,000 on Donna Edwards. I’m sure THAT investment will… Read more »

Trone Ad Sparks War Of Words

David Trone put out a new TV ad yesterday, and boy howdy, did it get a response today. First, the ad. It’s clear that Trone is responding to all of the criticisms of his big spending. He is particularly incensed that the two people criticizing him the most have made blanket statements about money in politics that he doesn’t think… Read more »

Three Pinocchios For The Edwards Attack Ads

Glenn Kessler runs the Post’s fact-check outfit. I haven’t always agreed with it, but today he nails it. But the new language to neutralize the NRA angered Edwards, an original co-sponsor of the bill, and she pulled her support. (She proposed an alternative that she said would treat all advocacy groups the same, but it did not progress far.) She was… Read more »

Yet Another Post Editorial on Van Hollen/Edwards

The Post editorial board weighed in yesterday – again – on the ongoing war between Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards. WARNING: It’s not for the faint of heart. Strong language follows. EVEN IN a season of political chicanery, the campaign of Rep. Donna Edwards, a Democrat running in the primary for U.S. Senate in Maryland, stands out for having twisted the… Read more »

Hard Hitting New Matthews Ad

Kathleen Matthews hits both of her leading opponents in a new ad, as well as the accompanying press release: New TV Spot For Kathleen Matthews Calls For A Fresh Approach In Washington In a new TV spot released today, Maryland’s 8th Congressional District candidate Kathleen Matthews urges Maryland Democrats to elect a fresh voice — someone who will fight for… Read more »