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Hogan ❤️s Montgomery County

Betcha thought “huh, I wonder what that’s about?” Click. Sorry. That was sarcasm. The Corridor Cities Transitway, the county’s main transportation project after the Purple Line, just got zeroed out in Hogan’s new six year transportation budget. Nothing. Bupkis. Nada. Hogan’s proposed six-year transportation budget includes no money for the Corridor Cities Transitway, which has been planned since at least 2000… Read more »

Commuter Blues

Jonathan Shurberg   September 20, 2016   1 Comment on Commuter Blues

I haven’t regularly commuted to work in DC since early 1996 (yes we had cars back then), but for the tens of thousands of those who do, things have gone from mildly frustrating to rage inducing things like this 1-2 punch in the face in today’s Post. First, there was this recurring nightmare scenario: A series of breakdowns, malfunctions and medical emergencies… Read more »

I For One Welcome Our Self-Driving Car Overlords

When it comes to self-driving cars, like Kent Brockman, I’m pretty excited about the prospect of them. If you’re like Sarah Connor and you’re a little more concerned, you’re not going to like this new development. Federal officials say they intend to aggressively shape the emergence of driverless cars, increasing their role well beyond the traditional recalls of cars when they… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Miller Is Not Happy – Again

And so he’s done what he does best when he’s unhappy, which is to take out his inkwell and craft a letter expressing his displeasure in clear and forceful terms. Today, the object of his ire is the Deputy Transportation Secretary, former Delegate James Ports, who has decided to create chaos by interpreting a interpreting a transportation scoring bill passed… Read more »

CityLink Is Pathetic

So Larry Hogan unveiled his “transformative” new transit plan for Baltimore. Here’s the dance steps: 1. Call the Red Line a “boondoggle,” then kill it. 2. Spend the $2 billion previously allocated to the Red Line on highway projects all over the state (but not even a dollar in the City). 3. Have your transportation secretary stand up and without… Read more »

Hogan Can’t Do Math Gud

For those who’ve been around for a while, we’ve long since established that Larry Hogan doesn’t understand the Maryland budget process very well at all. Today we learn that he’s not very good at math, either. And he’s still got some anger management issues, too – but not because he has cancer, Barry Rascovar. The Baltimore Sun has the mathy details…. Read more »

More On Charm City Transit Woes

Larry Hogan’s decision to kill the Baltimore Red Line transit proposal, and to then spend all the money elsewhere within a month, will have long term major repercussions. It’s also shortsighted and petty and vindictive. But then again, consider the source. Hogan doesn’t have much of a clue about governing, but he’s already demonstrated a great deal of savvy at… Read more »