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Trump Is Literally A Con Man

When I was first active on political blogs, beginning mainly in 2004, there was a hip phrase that was always being bandied about by those of us on the left in the face of the imperial war presidency of George W. Bush: IOKIYAR. It’s OK If You’re A Republican. Certain rules of behavior and conduct only seemed to matter if… Read more »

Trump Sends Out The Big Guns – Bad Idea

Donald Trump is obsessed with all of us seeing him as he sees himself – important, triumphant, a leader, somebody important. As his first week in office has gone on, he has become increasingly frantic to portray himself as heroic, sending out Sean Spicer (twice) to humiliate himself and taking to Twitter with increasingly embarrassing results. Today, Trump sent out… Read more »

Philip Bump Doesn’t Want You Worrying Your Pretty Little Head About Hacking

So much so that he’s willing to play you for a fool with cherry-picked quotes and goal post shifting. In contrast to its willingness to entertain pretty much every absurd conspiracy theory in unseemly pursuit of the almighty clicks relating to the HITLERYEMAILZOMG!!! “story” during the campaign, the Washington Post has two new purposes that lead it to play the… Read more »

The Media Obsession With Emails Is Bullshit 

I’m not always the biggest fan of Matthew Yglesias, but today he hits it out of the park with an explanation, using relatively small words, of why the “email scandal” is a fraud. Long but a really good read, especially if you or your friends are still defensive and/or apprehensive about Clinton’s alleged “ethical problems.” Here’s the TLDR: Network newscasts have,… Read more »

Charlie Pierce Strikes Again, Part The Infinity

The man who coined the now-indispensable phrase “vulgar talking yam” has now struck again, with an even more inspired and hilarious shot at Trump running mate Mike Pence and religious conservatives generally. In an article Friday noting that Indiana has undertaken a now-familiar tactic of attempting to criminalize the act of registering voters, Pierce penned the following introduction: Something’s hinky among… Read more »

What Would Ben Bradlee Say?

So what would you say if I told you that the Washington Post ran a headline above the fold on Page A1 (yes, I still get the dead tree edition of the paper delivered every morning) saying “Earth Not Actually Round, But Ellipsoid,” followed by the subhead “Revelation Renews Speculation About Flat Earth”? Wouldn’t happen, would it? This is the Washington… Read more »

The Post Sort Of Comes To Its Senses

A welcome editorial from the Washington Post today: JUDGING BY the amount of time NBC’s Matt Lauer spent pressing Hillary Clinton on her emails during Wednesday’s national security presidential forum, one would think that her homebrew server was one of the most important issues facing the country this election. It is not. There are a thousand other substantive issues — from China’s… Read more »

Clinton Rules, Part Infinity 

We interrupt the daily obsession with Hillary Clinton’s non-criminal email “scandal” (for those who subscribe to the “it looks so so bad” theory, please read this and then think again) to point out that her opponent has a history longer than a society girl’s wedding dress train  of ACTUAL illegal, unethical and sleazy behavior, some of it going on RIGHT… Read more »

Roger Ailes Is On His Way Out At FOX News

After several weeks of defending CEO Roger Ailes against the allegations raised by Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit, the Murdochs are shedding the longtime FOX News fixture like a cheap suit. Why? Because it turns out that ten years ago or so, he sexually harassed Megyn Kelly, the new FOX hope for the future. As a chorus of prominent Fox News women… Read more »

Good Vs. Bad MD-SEN Analysis

I’ve been more than a little bit critical of the national media’s coverage of the Maryland campaigns over the past year. From the caricaturing of Montgomery County as a “rich, tony” place full of nothing but white people to the more recent trope that the Senate primary was a racial civil war, the national coverage has been nothing short of… Read more »