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Blaine Young Convicted In Prostitution Sting

All around idiot clown and political embarrassment Blaine Young was convicted today of three prostitution related charges for paying an undercover police officer $60 for sex in a sting in Anne Arundel County back in February. An Anne Arundel County judge on Tuesday found Blaine Young, the former president of the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners, guilty of three prostitution-related… Read more »

No, David Trone Did Not Play Spoiler in CD8: Raskin Just Won

A couple of weeks ago, I said the one thing I have learned throughout the 2016 primary season is to not overreact to the results of a single poll or a particular primary contest. The more I think about it, in addition to not overreacting, the main thing I would say I learned this year is that conventional wisdom is anything… Read more »

File This Under “Shit That Just Doesn’t Happen In Montgomery County”

Frederick County Republican heartthrob and bad boy Blaine Young has been quite notorious for more than a decade. From the “black book” scandal of the late 1990s to the 2014 election when he unsuccessfully sought to become Frederick’s first county executive, Blaine Young has compiled quite a record. Now, it appears that very soon, he might actually HAVE a record…. Read more »

Kirby Delauter Is Back And Shittier Than Ever

Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter (yeah, the guy who doesn’t want the media to use his name without permission) is in the news again. Background to the latest kerfuffle. Delauter owns a construction company that bids on contracts with the County and its subdivisions. The propriety of this practice after Delauter’s election, first to the County Commission in 2010, and then… Read more »