Monthly Archives: November 2015

Descent Into Madness

Almost 11:00, and we have yet to reach the actual privatization bill. There are over 40 witnesses signed up on that bill. It’s time to rethink my priorities. Right now I’m regretting not having brought the bourbon. But I did bring some reading material that describes me well.    As I took the picture, a witness just compared the government… Read more »

Edwards Responds

Think of the Senate race as an old-fashioned artillery duel. Chris Van Hollen opened with a massive salvo of artillery, bringing down withering fire on Edwards’ flanks in Baltimore. As the smoke cleared from the advertising onslaught, with the accompanying poll results, the big question was this: how damaged was the Edwards artillery? Were her troops dispirited, her will to… Read more »

Other Fun Stuff Tonight

Local bill hearing tonight before the County Annapolis delegation  on the alcohol “giveaway” – wait, sorry, privatization bill. Hearing starts at 7. Tune in on the Internet or local County access programming channel and watch. I’ll be testifying, explaining why I think it IS a giveaway. Should be fun. Maybe I’ll fill up my flask with some bourbon and make… Read more »

CD4: The Forgotten Race

What with the drama of the Senate campaign between Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen, and the morality play that some have tried to make out of the CD8 race, the CD4 race just keeps on chugging along, largely flying beneath the radar. There are four top tier candidates here, and they all have records of significant accomplishment. A former… Read more »

Senate Race Up First

Let’s put the candidates under a microscope. We’ll include Elijah Cummings because he clearly doesn’t want us to forget him. Reminder: I support Chris Van Hollen. I hope that hasn’t affected my judgment, but that’s for you to decide. Elijah Cummings: I understood him backing off on a decision about running in April because Baltimore was on fire after the… Read more »