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Rally To Save Health Care

On Sunday, January 15, there will be a series of rallies around the country to focus attention on the looming demise of the Affordable Care Act. The Maryland version will be held at Bowie State University at 2:00, and lots of your favorite elected officials will be there. Your favorite blogger might even put in an appearance too. Local Democratic leaders… Read more »

Raskin/Elizabeth Warren Event Tonight 

Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin is hosting an event tonight at the Silver Spring Civic Center with Elizabeth Warren about “how to build progressive power and strong democracy in a time of Republican dominance.” If you don’t already have a ticket, don’t plan on going – it’s sold out. But I am here to rescue you from missing out. I’ll be broadcasting… Read more »

#WeNeedNine At The Supreme Court Tuesday

Yeah, I got a court case going right now, and yeah, Monday and Tuesday is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. But my upbringing tells me that being a Jew means fighting for social justice and causes I believe in. And I believe – despite a Court controlled for too long by right wing forces – that the Supreme Court… Read more »

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

Sorry for the light posting lately, folks. Like Michael Corleone, I’ve been pulled back into my former world. His was organized crime, murder, racketeering, extortion. Mine, of course, is even worse – being a lawyer. The bad news is that it’s gonna go on for a little while. The good news? It’s a political-legal issue, and it’s going to get… Read more »

Debate Watch Parties At AFI

Presidential debates are all about the human interaction. Cheering, booing, drinking, bar brawls with idiots, you should never watch them alone at home. So assuming you’re not hosting your own events, come to a series of parties hosted by Senator Jamie Raskin, MCYD, Clubs of Color, the MoCo Muslim Democratic Club, and yes, this fine establishment as well. Here’s the… Read more »

Howard County “Not Jefferson Jackson” Dinner Tonight

Tonight in Clarksville. Chris Van Hollen will be there, so will Barbara Mikulski. So will Eric Holder. And if you get bored of talking to actual interesting elected officials, you can come talk to me. If the mood strikes, I’ll have live coverage of the speeches. Come have fun. Yes, silly, in Howard County. They’re very fun up there, as… Read more »

Taking The Weekend Off

Hadn’t planned on taking a break, but I found that whether I wanted one or not, I needed one. So I’m going to extend the break to tomorrow morning, when I’ll be back with a vengeance. Breaking down last week’s results, looking ahead to November and then to 2018, and shifting focus from the 2016 horse races to a whole… Read more »

New Dem Business Group To Host Kickoff Event

Too often, progressives turn away from any group that has the word “business” in it. The fact is that increasingly, young, innovative, cutting edge business leaders in the region are likely to be left wing, progressive people. Think Denizens Brewing here in Silver Spring, just for one sample. Why would we want to blow off potential allies because of the… Read more »

CD8 Schedule

If it seems like there’s a lot of events in this race, there are. Here’s four candidate forums and debates coming up in just the next week. Tomorrow, March 5, 1-3 pm Frederick County Democratic Debate Thurmont Public Library 76 E Moser Road Thurmont, MD 21788 Wednesday, March 9, 7-9 pm Carroll County Democratic Party Congressional Candidates’ Debate South Carroll… Read more »

A Night Off

Jonathan Shurberg   February 15, 2016   1 Comment on A Night Off

Lots of interesting stories to share – tomorrow. I have a whole staff of frazzled minions tonight. Look how exhausted this poor guy is.    Fighting the Apple hordes is hard work. I think I may defect over to the Android Rebellion this week. The minions are all for the idea.