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POTUS 45 Cabinet Update: Tillerson Confirmed; DeVos Nomination in Trouble

It is not exactly breaking news to suggest that a number of our current president’s cabinet nominations have been controversial. From Ben Carson running HUD despite never having worked in the industry, and no evidence he knows much of anything about anything, to Rick Perry only learning a few weeks ago that the agency he has been called on to… Read more »

Sorry, There’s No More Room Under The Rug

Sam Wang, the new heartthrob data nerd from Princeton, has crunched the numbers on the impact of domestic ratfucker James Comey (let’s stand him right next to Mitch McConnell for the firing squad, shall we?).  and his antics. Opinion swung toward Trump by 4 percentage points, and about half of this was a lasting change. This was larger than the victory… Read more »

Heads He Wins, Tails We All Lose

Friend of the blog Ben Feshbach brings us the latest oozing emanation from the infected bleeding sore that is Donald Trump on Twitter. I was and remain skeptical of the likelihood that a recount will change anything, but if it puts the vulgar talking yam on tilt, I say Bring It The Fuck On. Now is as good a time as… Read more »

Philip Bump Doesn’t Want You Worrying Your Pretty Little Head About Hacking

So much so that he’s willing to play you for a fool with cherry-picked quotes and goal post shifting. In contrast to its willingness to entertain pretty much every absurd conspiracy theory in unseemly pursuit of the almighty clicks relating to the HITLERYEMAILZOMG!!! “story” during the campaign, the Washington Post has two new purposes that lead it to play the… Read more »

Holy Shitsnacks, Batman!

I’ve never been comfortable with the numbers in some key swing states, but this comes out of the blue. It’s a long way from here to there, but it does make me feel like I’m not completely crazy: Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states… Read more »

Florida: The Data Is In And . . .

. . .to quote the LGM post, “The Story of the 2016 Elections is That Republicans Voted Republican.” Scott Lemieux, after quoting Steve Schale at length (more on him in a minute) concludes thusly: One thing the Clinton campaign got wrong — and I’m not saying it was unreasonable to think this, because I, like most people, thought the same… Read more »

Florida’s Vote Totals Don’t Make Sense

As of 5:30 or so, Votecastr projected that a total of 9,603,576 votes had been cast for either Trump or Clinton. Clinton had a 315,000 vote lead in the projection. In the actual vote reported by CNN, the total number of votes between Clinton and Trump is 9,027,163. There’s no discernible bump in the third party votes. Where did 576,413… Read more »