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How Not To Build A Road

The Post with more on Virginia’s experiences with public private partnerships. Memo to Maryland – don’t do this. The Purple Line ought to be built, but not this way. And when nobody can explain why we’re using the P3 process for the Purple Line but not the Baltimore Red Line, I get more uneasy, not less. The article is a detailed… Read more »

Friday Afternoon Massacre

Larry Hogan is getting really good at one thing – he’s mastered the Friday news dump. Today’s news that needs to be noted: Four top leaders at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources were let go today, sending a combined 98 years of fisheries, land conservation and communications experience out the doors of the Tawes building, the department’s headquarters in Annapolis…. Read more »

Ervin On Crowdpac

Valerie Ervin is fundraising on Crowdpac. My attention was directed to this tweet from Wednesday by an alert reader. Crowdpac allows potential candidates to see what level of financial support they can drum up before actually making a commitment to run. Any money “raised” is contingent on the candidate actually making the decision to run – credit cards and bank… Read more »

Affordable Housing – Or Not So Much

Some appalling statistics out a couple of days ago, comparing the average cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in each state with the average wage earned there. The numbers are awful, particularly in Maryland. Nationally, a 2 bedroom apartment requires an hourly wage of $19.35, while the national average wage is $15.16. The cost of that 2 bedroom apartment is… Read more »

300 Posts

Yesterday’s post, Substance Free Journalism, was the 300th in the 69 days of this establishment’s still infant existence. This one is #310. Hope you like reading them as much as I like writing them. Either today or tomorrow, we’ll go over 20,000 page views. It’s Milestone Week here at Maryland Scramble.

Delaney Followup

After his op-ed this morning, John Delaney has fans, but probably not the ones he was hoping for. And it is possible that this was a plant for a Senate run. I’ve been known to be wrong more than occasionally.   Noah Silverman is Congressional Affairs Director for the Republican Jewish Coalition. Given the language of Delaney’s screed today, it’s understandable that… Read more »

Delaney Makes A Move

Well, now we know what John Delaney has been up to while he’s been ignoring my increasingly pathetic pleas for his attention. He’s been crafting his attack on the values of the political party of which he claims to be a member. Washington is paralyzed by extreme political rhetoric that creates powerful sound bites but poor policy. The big legislative updates that… Read more »