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Van Hollen Gets Sun Endorsement

In the “Not At All Surprising” Department, the Baltimore Sun endorsed Chris Van Hollen for Senate yesterday in grand style, heaping praise on his well-known skills at everything from the nuances of policy details to negotiating deals with a Republican Party that pretty much doesn’t want to do much of anything.  Mr. Van Hollen understands the nuances of issues ranging from the… Read more »

DOG BITES MAN: Clinton, Van Hollen Lead Big In Maryland

The Sun has unshocking news this morning: Hillary Clinton and Chris Van Hollen have large leads in Maryland over their GOP opponents, Donald Trump and Kathy Szeliga. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is deeply unpopular in Maryland and could be acting as a weight on the GOP candidate for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat, according to a statewide poll to… Read more »

Van Hollen: $1.8 Million In Q2

Not that you should have been worried, but Chris Van Hollen kept chugging along after his big primary win, raising $1.8 million through June 30. This is not a guy who takes anything for granted, and he’s in strong shape heading into the fall campaign season. Here’s the campaign’s press release from earlier today: Van Hollen Continues to Show ‎Strong… Read more »

VIDEO: Van Hollen And Delaney At Clinton Event

In the midst of a busy Sunday, I went to Nancy Floreen’s house in Garrett Park yesterday for an ice cream social and event for Hillary Clinton. Among others, Chris Van Hollen and John Delaney spoke, and I caught both speeches on video. If you’ve been missing seeing video on Maryland Scramble anywhere near as much as I’ve missed shooting… Read more »

2018: Whither Ben Cardin?

Senator Ben Cardin is one of Maryland’s most popular political figures. But by the time his current term ends in 2019, he’ll have been in office continually for 52 years, since being elected to the House of Delegates in 1966. If he runs again, he’ll be 81 by the time his next term is up. So I’m not rooting for… Read more »

Kathy Szeliga Hearts Citizens United

The war of words between Chris Van Hollen and Kathy Szeliga heated up big time this week after Van Hollen called out Szeliga for having a fundraiser hosted by David Bossie, the head of the Citizens United super PAC that has become the symbol of campaign finance reform nationally. Van Hollen’s press release from Thursday: Tonight Delegate Kathy Szeliga, Republican… Read more »

Van Hollen Hires Pat Murray To Run General Election Campaign 

Chris Van Hollen, fresh off his strong primary win over Donna Edwards last month, has hired Pat Murray, currently the executive director of the Maryland Democratic Party, to manage his general election campaign. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the Democratic nominee for Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski’s open Senate seat, has hired the director of the state’s Democratic Party to lead his campaign…. Read more »

Dana Beyer On MD-SEN

Dana Beyer’s latest Huffington Post column takes on the issues in the Maryland Senate race. It was about something that Aristotle once called Ethos, and which today we characterize as Integrity. Honesty, Civility, Credibility, Decency, Loyalty and maybe even the archaic concept of Honor, all make up Integrity. * * * In politics, integrity means something a little different from its… Read more »

Good Vs. Bad MD-SEN Analysis

I’ve been more than a little bit critical of the national media’s coverage of the Maryland campaigns over the past year. From the caricaturing of Montgomery County as a “rich, tony” place full of nothing but white people to the more recent trope that the Senate primary was a racial civil war, the national coverage has been nothing short of… Read more »