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ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Baltimore City Delegate Nominee Indicted [UPDATED]

[Update]: As if the story isn’t bad enough, it turns out Brown had already been appointed and was to be sworn in tomorrow. That ain’t happening. Sun update: Brown was scheduled to be sworn in as state delegate Tuesday, but the swearing-in has been canceled, according to Alexandra Hughes, chief of staff to House Speaker Mike Busch. Doug Mayer, a… Read more »

Wisconsin Gerrymander Struck Down

As you might recall, I’ve been keeping a close eye on a Maryland redistricting case that went to the Supreme Court last year. When it was decided in favor of the claimant just under a year ago, I had this to say: You hear that ringing noise in the distance? That’s the death knell for Maryland’s 2011 redistricting plan. It just… Read more »

The Myth Of Voter Fraud

As we head down the home stretch of an election that is increasingly worrisome for anyone who believes in a sane and rational world, those of us who deal in election law realize that the GOP success at creating a solution for a non-existent problem may well come into play in key swing states in November. Despite big losses for… Read more »

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina Voter ID Law

The Supreme Court minutes ago issued an order rejecting an appeal by North Carolina regarding its voter ID law. The Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to reinstate a 2013 North Carolina law that required voters to show photo identification at the polls.  In a 4-4 split decision, the court said it would not hear a challenge to a 4th Circuit Court… Read more »

The Real World Impact Of Voter ID Laws

A pair of articles from the Washington Post today show why Republicans should be so proud of their efforts to combat the nonexistent threat of voter fraud with laws that require documents that 11% of American citizens don’t have. And – quel surprise! – the affected voters tend to vote Democratic: the elderly, blacks, Hispanics, and the poor. Cue Claude… Read more »

MoCo Politics Fought The Law, And The Law Lost

It didn’t end up mattering – at least not directly – but one aspect of Pam Queen’s appointment points up an enormous problem: the whispery, gossipy way that things get done in Montgomery County politics. Why not come out and have a debate about the merits of an issue? Because it’s more effective, and definitely more efficient, just to pass… Read more »

The Last Veto Override – And A Petulant Response

With a number of issues flying around our state and national politics yesterday, I was remiss in not flagging the General Assembly’s last – and most significant – veto override from the 2015 session. The Senate voted 29-18 to allow felons on parole or probation to vote, overriding Larry Hogan’s veto. About 44,000 former prisoners who are on probation or parole… Read more »

Voting Twice On Veto Overrides?

Former delegate, now Senator Craig Zucker is poised to accomplish a unique feat. A few weeks ago, still a delegate, Zucker voted to override Governor Larry Hogan’s veto on the bill to expand voting rights for ex-felons. Now a senator, Zucker is expected to again vote to override the Hogan veto, and may well be the decisive 29th vote. Is… Read more »

Election Machines Snafu

So almost a decade after the General Assembly voted to adopt election machines with a verifiable paper trail, the State has finally allocated the money, the Board of Elections has purchased the equipment, and we’re ready to go. All good, right? Haha. No. Of course not. The Maryland State Board of Elections on Thursday unanimously ordered early voting sites in the… Read more »