Monthly Archives: June 2015

CD8 Lineup

For those not keeping score at home, here’s the current – dizzying – state of play in CD8. By the end of the week, it may total 10 candidates. Declared: Kumar Barve, Ana Sol Gutierrez, Will Jawando, Kathleen Matthews, Jamie Raskin Announced: Valerie Ervin, Liz Matory Rumored: Josh Rales, Jeff Waldstreicher (letting us know tomorrow?) And for an even ten,… Read more »

Dude, You’re Not Helping

The process of persuading voters to support a candidate for office is, particularly at this early point in the various 2016 campaigns, a delicate one – more art than science. While the goal is ultimately to persuade as wide a swath of voters as possible, at this early point one critical goal of congressional and Senate candidates (either directly or… Read more »

The End of Equality MD?

This has been rumored for months, but today comes an email that acknowledges the impending demise of once-great LGBT organization Equality Maryland. The Board of Directors of Equality Maryland and its Foundation reluctantly announced today that, as a result of declining revenues, it is taking action to either reduce operations next month, or cease operations. Despite continued policy advocacy and… Read more »

New Overtime Rules

The Obama Administration will this week announce long awaited new regulations  that will provide increased overtime pay to approximately five million workers.  President Obama said Monday that he wants to require overtime pay for salaried workers who make up to $50,400 a year, a proposal that the White House estimates will cover nearly 5 million workers. The changes would go into… Read more »

Tomorrow Is June 30

Public service reminder – the next two weeks are going to be like Christmas in July. New candidates and FEC reports to unwrap, oh boy. All I need now is a tree (and a menorah) and I will be a happy blogger. Any leaks, rumors, whispers, predictions, expectations, reports or the like that you don’t give to me first, I’m… Read more »

ICYMI: Dildos or ISIS Flag? CNN Can’t Decide

Ovee the weekend, CNN aired what has to be regarded as one of the most bizarre reports ever in the history of bizarre cable journalism. Sunday night, John Oliver gave the issue the serious treatment it so richly deserves. Money quote: For more than seven spectacular minutes CNN had [the flag] on screen, even calling one of the terrorism experts… Read more »

More Positive Supreme Court News

The Supreme Court has been a source of a lot of good news – not on everything – and just within the past half hour comes more, this time on access to abortion in Texas. The Supreme Court issued a brief, two paragraph order on Monday permitting Texas abortion clinics that are endangered by state law requiring them to comply with… Read more »

Independent Redistricting Upheld

Not as good a day at the Supreme Court today as Friday (only one out of three decisions went the right way), but the one was very significant. In a moderately surprising development, Justice Anthony Kennedy again sided with the four liberal justices to uphold Arizona’s independent redistricting commission. The commission was originally adopted by state voters via the initiative… Read more »