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Want To #ThankALegislator?

Here’s a nice, easy way to say “thanks” to the MoCo House delegation for unanimously voting to override Larry Hogan’s veto of the Clean Energy Jobs Act – a petition set up by the new leadership of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC). Seems to me like a pretty cool thing to do.

D20 Forums And MCDCC Meeting

Three events over the next twelve days will determine who the next D20 delegate will be. Here’s when and where the festivities will be happening. January 3, 7:00 pm: Candidate Forum, White Oak Community Center, 1700 April Lane, White Oak January 5, 7:00 pm: Candidate Forum, Silver Spring Civic Center, Silver Spring January 9, 7:00 pm: MCDCC Meeting, Silver Spring… Read more »

Kunes Elected MCDCC Chair, Raskin Pledges To Match $5K In Donations

Last night, Dave Kunes was elected chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee on a 23-3 vote. While that sounds boring, the meeting was anything but. Just ask Lou Peck, who was there or watch my videos, which can be found here and here.  I’ll keep my editorial comments to myself, but suffice it to say that I am very pleased… Read more »

Maryland Scramble Endorsement: Kunes For MCDCC Chair

Tuesday night, in the bowels of a cramped, ugly, dark office building in Kensington, a very important election will take place. It won’t get the notoriety or media attention of a congressional primary, or even a legislative appointment, but in the end, I believe that the consequences of this election may be more significant than the higher profile stuff. The… Read more »

REVISED MCDCC D20 Vacancy Announcement

The MCDCC just a few minutes ago sent out an email regarding the D20 vacancy. A special meeting will be held on December 7, ostensibly “[t]o accommodate the number of residents showing interest in” the vacancy. Yeah, I’m sure that’s the only reason for the change, don’t you? ?? They also fixed the age and residency requirements, although on residency… Read more »

D20 Vacancy: Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?

Having posted the MCDCC’s D20 Senate vacancy announcement while in the process of buying a new oven at Sears last night, I didn’t get much of a chance to actually read the thing until this morning. Having now done so, all I can say is I think that email set some kind of record for highest number of significant and… Read more »

Democrats Who Don’t Vote, Parts 3 and 4

Adam Pagnucco’s informative series came to an end earlier this week, but I didn’t get a chance to read it until today. The last two parts are definitely worth a read. Part 3. Part 4. If Montgomery County Democrats want to substantially increase their turnout in the 2018 election, they are going to have to reach out to Democratic non-voters who are… Read more »

MCDCC Meeting Video

Tonight’s meeting video. Just under an hour and a half of nerdy wonky goodness. Now available on a permanent basis on YouTube. I remain your humble and faithful servant. UPDATE: 11:21 p.m. I may have been a little overexcited about sharing the video. YouTube is still processing it. It’s over an hour so it may take just a little bit…. Read more »