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BREAKING: Marriott To Stay In Maryland

And in Bethesda, too. The Daily Record has the scoop: Marriott International Inc., one of Maryland’s four Fortune 500 companies, will remain in the state. The company will build a $600 million facility in downtown Bethesda, maintaining the comapny’s presence in Montgomery County where it has been for the last six decades, according to an announcement from Gov. Larry Hogan. The… Read more »

Suburbs In Peril

A sobering article in today’s Post about the challenges facing Fairfax County, just across the Potomac from Montgomery County and often cited as a role model of what MoCo should aspire to. For decades, Fairfax County has been a national model for suburban living, a place of good governance and elite schools that educate children from some of the country’s richest neighborhoods…. Read more »

The Never Ending Boondoggle

The Washington Post has an opinion column on its website about Maryland’s efforts to retain and attract businesses, particularly focused on Marriott Corporation. It’s a a terrible and embarrassing piece, mixing factual errors, long-discredited “race to the bottom” economic theory, and laughably one sided adoration for Governor Larry Hogan. The fact that it’s written by someone affiliated with the Maryland Taxpayers… Read more »

State Of Black Montgomery 2016

The African-American Democratic Club of Montgomery County is hosting its third annual State of Black Montgomery event this morning in Silver Spring. There are well over 200 people here, listening to a series of speakers on issues ranging from voter registration to education to economic development. Later on this morning there will be a forum for the now nine congressional… Read more »

Sick Leave and Retirement Are Not “Social Issues”

The Post has another Annapolis preview this morning, this time following the “x things to watch for” rubric. In this case, the lucky number is 7. Pretty much what you’d expect, with Hogan/Busch relationship, Baltimore, and the eight senators and delegates running for other offices in the April primary (not sure why “more than half a dozen” is the reference, you’d… Read more »

The E-Trade Baby Is Not Having A Good Week

The stock market has hit what investing professionals like to call a rough patch – the market is down over 1600 points in the past three days. There’s no reason to panic, of course, say the professionals – the fundamentals of the market are sound, stay the course, maybe even buy some more stock. Here with an opposing view is… Read more »

Hogan Regulation “Review”

This is right out of the decades-old, Ronald Reagan-inspired right wing playbook. It’s about to be Christmas in July for businesses in Maryland. At least Larry Hogan got the right wording on the new signs. Vowing to free Maryland businesses from what he called “nonsensical, out-of-control” regulations, Gov. Larry Hogan launched a commission Thursday charged with reviewing every rule on the… Read more »