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Time to Give Back: A Helping Hand for the Shurberg Family

Dear readers, Many of you may have noticed that the Maryland Scramble has not recently posted fresh content from Jonathan, our witty Snarkster in Chief and Master of Whispers. Jonathan is currently hospitalized with a severe illness, fighting bravely to return home to his work and his children. Jonathan’s eldest has returned home from college to care for his father… Read more »

Lewis Sworn In As New D24 Delegate; Oaks As New D41 Senator

Bringing to an end (for now) soon the reign of terror in Annapolis caused by an unprecedented rash of legislative vacancies, Jazz Lewis was sworn in this morning as a delegate from District 24, replacing Michael Vaughan. Just within the past few minutes, former Delegate Nathaniel Oaks was sworn in as the new senator from District 41, replacing Lisa Gladden, who resigned for… Read more »

Surrendering Before The First Shot Is Fired

There’s bad military strategy, and then there’s running out of the foxhole screaming for mercy before the battle even begins. Say hello to our chickenshit compatriots in the US Senate – Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heidtkamp of North Dakota, and shockingly, Chris Coons of Delaware, who clearly is misreading the moment and the angry sentiments of the Democratic… Read more »

Acting AG To Trump: DOJ Won’t Defend Your Executive Order

The New York Times with some really embarrassing news for the Trump cabal on the immigration executive order: Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates, a holdover from the Obama administration, ordered the Justice Department on Monday not to defend President Trump’s executive order on immigration in court. “I am responsible for ensuring that the positions we take in court remain consistent with… Read more »

The Media That Really Matters

In the latest media meltdown from the choleric children in the Trump administration, we learn that Sean Spicer believes that “by and large the president has been praised” for his Holocaust statement omitting any mention of Jews. I also very much like the “Netanyahu represents the entire spectrum of Jewish opinion in the entire world” canard. That’ll play so, so… Read more »

Profiles In Cowardice 

Not that this is really surprising, but somebody in GOP gym class clearly gave Little Marco Rubio a swirlie or stuffed him in a locker or something, and so he has come around on the nomination of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, thus turning our foreign policy over to Exxon for realsies. I particularly like his use of “deference to… Read more »

The Obama Legacy

David Asche   January 20, 2017   No Comments on The Obama Legacy

Just a few hours from now, President Obama will board Marine One, give one final wave, and then fly off into history as a former president. This is going to be very strange for me to see. And not just because of who will be replacing him. It would still feel weird if Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden were taking… Read more »

“Even In Great Despair There Is Hope”

Some holiday words (can’t call them “cheer,” not this year) from the great blog-father Charlie Pierce. I hope you’ve all spent a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with family and friends. Tomorrow, the world beckons again and things will not go well, and won’t any time soon, not for a long time. It will do us all good, I think, to… Read more »

Satire Is Dead

Donald Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer is the vulgar talking yam’s pick for ambassador to Israel. While you wrap your mind around that piece of news that not even the Onion could top, let’s take a look at the views of a guy with no relevant experience whatsoever. David Friedman in his own words. A senior Trump adviser on Israel during the campaign,… Read more »