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Kathy Szeliga Hearts Citizens United

The war of words between Chris Van Hollen and Kathy Szeliga heated up big time this week after Van Hollen called out Szeliga for having a fundraiser hosted by David Bossie, the head of the Citizens United super PAC that has become the symbol of campaign finance reform nationally. Van Hollen’s press release from Thursday: Tonight Delegate Kathy Szeliga, Republican… Read more »

The 2018 Campaign Begins?

So it appears. Can you say Larry Hogan Super PAC? A senior adviser to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) plans to leave the administration later this month to be a part of a “nonprofit associated with the governor,” according to individuals familiar with the resignation. Steve Crim, who joined Hogan’s administration as his director of public affairs in January 2015, will… Read more »

Edwards’ Personal Super PAC In For Another $544K

Presumably on the strength of more money from Donald Sussman (hidden from public view by the timing of the donation), Working for Us has filed a 24 hour report indicating that it is spending $544,974.30 to rebroadcast the ad that Barack Obama and others thought was so offensive they demanded it be taken down. The ad that helped spark a Van… Read more »

Donald Sussman: One Man Super PAC For Donna Edwards

Roll Call has an informative piece today on Donald Sussman, the mystery banker behind the Emily’s List and Working for Us super PAC orgies of spending on behalf of Donna Edwards. If campaign reform advocates need a poster boy to match up with the plutocrats on the right like Sheldon Adelson, Sussman is the guy. Sussman’s most notable — and controversial… Read more »

Emily’s List Lights $500K On Fire

Chris Van Hollen has opened up a lead of somewhere in the 10-15% range, there’s five days left until Election Day, and Donna Edwards is most likely very low on or completely out of money. What does Emily’s List do? Why, they decide that today is the perfect day to spend another $500,000 on Donna Edwards. I’m sure THAT investment will… Read more »

Three Pinocchios For The Edwards Attack Ads

Glenn Kessler runs the Post’s fact-check outfit. I haven’t always agreed with it, but today he nails it. But the new language to neutralize the NRA angered Edwards, an original co-sponsor of the bill, and she pulled her support. (She proposed an alternative that she said would treat all advocacy groups the same, but it did not progress far.) She was… Read more »

Harry Reid Rips Super PAC AND Edwards Ads

Going Nancy Pelosi one better, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid called for both the super PAC and Donna Edwards ad to be pulled today. Press release from the Van Hollen campaign: “Congresswoman Edwards and the Super PAC supporting her are engaging in politics at its very worst. I join President Obama and Leader Pelosi in urging this Super PAC to… Read more »

BREAKING: Edwards’ Big Super PAC Donor Is A Hedge Fund Manager

Called it. John Fritze in the Sun alerts us to the utterly unsurprising fact that Donna Edwards’ super PAC is being singlehandedly funded by a hedge fund manager. So who’s the “Wall Street candidate” now? A hedge fund manager and major Democratic donor is behind a new super PAC that is airing a controversial attack ad in Maryland’s competitive Senate race. The… Read more »

Pelosi Joins The Chorus Ripping Anti-Van Hollen Ad

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi today added her voice to the many Democratic leaders trashing the Working for Us ad that yesterday drew the ire of the White House. Maybe Steve Rosenthal should take the hint? Maybe Donna Edwards should, too. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blasted a Democratic super PAC that ran a gun control-themed attack ad in one… Read more »

Did Obama Endorse Van Hollen Yesterday?

The White House yesterday condemned an ad that was – and is – the centerpiece of Donna Edwards’ campaign. As the day went on, the media narrative shifted from the ad itself to President Obama’s appearance in it. That was NOT the complaint. The complaint was that the ad was “deceptive” and “misleading.” Which it is. So was this a… Read more »