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Three Pinocchios For The Edwards Attack Ads

Glenn Kessler runs the Post’s fact-check outfit. I haven’t always agreed with it, but today he nails it. But the new language to neutralize the NRA angered Edwards, an original co-sponsor of the bill, and she pulled her support. (She proposed an alternative that she said would treat all advocacy groups the same, but it did not progress far.) She was… Read more »

Wherein I Grab A Mop And Clean Up Some Facts

The calls for factual cleanup came fast and furious towards the end of the debate, when moderator Bruce DePuyt gave the candidates the chance to ask questions of other candidates. I’m gonna grab a mop and do some quick review, but there’s one stain that ain’t comin’ out of the floor so easily. First, Ana Sol Gutierrez asked Kathleen Matthews… Read more »

Bethesda Magazine Weighs In On Barve-Raskin Dispute

Plus some bonus discussion of super PACs too. Lou Peck, take it away. A dispute between two contenders for the District 8 Democratic congressional nomination—state Del. Kumar Barve and state Sen. Jamie Raskin—over a TV ad being aired by the Raskin campaign is escalating, as an independent fact-checking group weighed in with an analysis that lends support to Barve’s criticism of… Read more »

Barve Escalates War With Raskin

Kumar Barve, bolstered by the findings of the fact-check by Verbatim of Jamie Raskin’s claims to be the “only” candidate to have passed legislation relating to reducing the state’s carbon footprint and to put a moratorium on fracking, has now called for the Sierra Club to demand that Raskin take down the ads. Facebook:   And Twitter:   The Raskin campaign has… Read more »

Fact-Check: Raskin’s “Only” Claims

The recent dustup between Senator Jamie Raskin and Delegate Kumar Barve over whether Raskin is the “only” legislator to move positive environmental legislation forward has reached Verbatim, a new political fact check arm of Ballotpedia. The open race in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District has attracted a crowded Democratic field, including three state lawmakers. Maryland Del. Kumar Barve (D-District 17), Del. Ana… Read more »

Barve Not Happy With Raskin Ads

A scathing press release from Kumar Barve scorched my inbox this afternoon. The message is clear: there’s more than one experienced legislator in this race, pal. BARVE CAMAPAIGN CRITICIZES RASKIN ADS AS MISREPRESNTING RECORD Says “Only Jamie Raskin” Ads Should Be Taken Off Air Barve for Congress criticized a series of “Only Jamie Raskin” TV ads unveiled by the Raskin… Read more »

Veto Overrides – A Correction

Back in May, I wrote about the prospects for veto overrides of the four bills. With respect to the marijuana paraphernalia bill, I stated then that only one Republican voted for the bill. In fact, it was three (Grammer, Kittleman, and Miele). Moreover, there were eight D “no” votes, not six as I wrote. And the bill was SB517. I pretty… Read more »

Seventh State Follies [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] An astute reader points out that per Seventh State (still not linking), the post was actually a guest blog by Adam Pagnucco. I will say two things: first, the email sent out to subscribers made no mention of Pagnucco but credited the story solely to David Lublin. So my assumption was understandable, I submit.   Second, in case it’s not… Read more »

Where’s The Fact Checker When I Need Him?

Bear with me while I vent my annoyance with the pompous prigs at the Washington Post. The Post hates blogs. It’s not a new thing – their first foray into blogging was based on the idea that they’d enter into relationships with local bloggers, the bloggers would provide content, and the Post would pay them precisely nothing. Like interns, only… Read more »

Facts Are Friends

I didn’t start out with the idea of being a fact checker/scold for journalists covering Maryland politics, but the state of affairs is not good. I am startled by how often I see basic, demonstrably provable facts misstated by one media outlet or another. Part of this is that I am an obsessive nerd who has around 25 politics and… Read more »