Clinton Is Sitting Pretty Right Now; One State Is A Big Reason Why

Even with a Quinnipiac Poll today showing Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by 10 points nationally, on average, she is not quite at the post convention peak she sat at a week or so ago, but that was to be expected. Even with all of his faults, some Republican holdouts were bound to throw their support behind Trump eventually…. Read more »

D20: Wherein The Blogger Tries To Cover A Story About Himself And A Host Of Others

So I’m gonna try to do something and I’m going to try to do it right. Everyone knows I ran for office in 2014, and I’ve made no secret of my desire to run again in 2018. But whether to run, and if so for what office, that’s still an open question. There’s a really fascinating article today that hints at… Read more »

Blaine Young Convicted In Prostitution Sting

All around idiot clown and political embarrassment Blaine Young was convicted today of three prostitution related charges for paying an undercover police officer $60 for sex in a sting in Anne Arundel County back in February. An Anne Arundel County judge on Tuesday found Blaine Young, the former president of the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners, guilty of three prostitution-related… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Miller Is Not Happy – Again

And so he’s done what he does best when he’s unhappy, which is to take out his inkwell and craft a letter expressing his displeasure in clear and forceful terms. Today, the object of his ire is the Deputy Transportation Secretary, former Delegate James Ports, who has decided to create chaos by interpreting a interpreting a transportation scoring bill passed… Read more »

Scott Walker To Headline MD GOP Fundraiser

The Maryland Republican Party has historically had problems getting out of its own way. Lots and lots of self-inflicted wounds and an abysmal fundraising track record. You’d think winning the governorship in 2014 might have solved these problems, at least for a while. You’d be wrong. While Larry Hogan has done a nifty series of dance steps to avoid getting… Read more »

What Will The Republican Party Do If Trump Loses?

While the outcome is not a given yet, it is looking more and more likely that Donald Trump will not only lose to Hillary Clinton in November, he will get crushed by her. If current polling holds, or even comes close to holding, he will bring the Senate, and perhaps the House, down with him. A Clinton win will mark… Read more »

A Midsummer Afternoon’s Reverie – Part 1

Enjoying a week long vacation for the first time in a while, and thinking back on the past year and a half since Barbara Mikulski dropped her bombshell on Maryland in March, 2015, I’ve been contemplating a rumor that has come up more than once – that Ben Cardin may not run for reelection in 2018. I’m not reporting this… Read more »

Is Pokemon Go A Public Safety Menace?

The Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) is having its annual summer bacchanalia this week, and rest assured, they’re not just getting drunk in Ocean City, they are considering deep and weighty issues. Like Pokemon Go. Yes, really. “There’s an awful lot of questions that have burst on the scene about this game and the trend that it represents,” said Michael Sanderson,… Read more »

Lining Up To Run

The early 2018 lineup of Democratic candidates for governor is emerging, and although there’s nothing in the Ovetta Wiggins/Josh Hicks article that us supremely wired in folks don’t already know, it’s still a good primer on the state of the conventional wisdom as the race begins. This week, three Democrats widely considered to be the most likely candidates to challenge Gov…. Read more »

Bad Weed Outcomes

As noted earlier in the week, Monday was the day initial awards of medical marijuana growing and processing licenses were awarded and boy howdy, that was some skunky weed. Out of 30 licenses awarded, one – a processing license – was awarded to a company from Montgomery County, with over a million residents. By comparison, Dorchester County (population 32,618) got… Read more »