RIP Len Teitelbaum

One of the truly good guys in Montgomery County and Maryland politics, Len Teitelbaum, died yesterday. Here’s a note from the Leisure World Democratic Club with details on the funeral, which is tomorrow.   A basic biography of the former D19 delegate and senator can be found here. I’m hoping that I can get one of the many politicos who knew… Read more »

May The Circle Be Unbroken

The backlash from Gropegate – and the blase reaction of entirely too many Republicans – has brought us back to a more than quarter century old scandal. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – he of the “high tech lynching” defense – has now been accused by an Alaska energy lawyer of groping her repeatedly at a Virginia dinner party back… Read more »

Things Ain’t Goin’ Real Good For The GOP

Just saw a cheerful Politico update flash across my screen a few moments ago. More signs of the looming GOP apocalypse (the headline flatly states that Republicans are “panicking”):  Republicans, on the verge of losing the Senate, are plowing a mammoth $25 million into seven races in a last-ditch attempt to stop Donald Trump from dragging the entire GOP down with… Read more »

Charlie Pierce Strikes Again, Part The Infinity

The man who coined the now-indispensable phrase “vulgar talking yam” has now struck again, with an even more inspired and hilarious shot at Trump running mate Mike Pence and religious conservatives generally. In an article Friday noting that Indiana has undertaken a now-familiar tactic of attempting to criminalize the act of registering voters, Pierce penned the following introduction: Something’s hinky among… Read more »

Yawn: Clinton Leads Trump By 12 In ABC Poll

For those of you still smarting from the Post/ABC poll last week that showed Hillary Clinton with “only” a 4 point lead, I bring you tidings of great joy. ABC’s new poll, the first in its daily tracking polls leading up to the election, shows that Clinton has opened up a 12 point lead, a shift of 8 points in… Read more »

Trump “Contra” Basic Language Fluency

This is awesome. Two young Hispanic women, one of them wearing a hand-lettered shirt reading “Latinas Contra Trump,” infiltrated a Trump rally in plain sight, to such a degree that they got their picture taken with Eric Trump and his wife. Apparently, even with heavy security, nobody understood the difference between “contra” and “con.” I love this campaign. 16 days still… Read more »

Election 2016 In-Depth Look at Battleground States: Ohio

With the election less than 20 days away, we’ll take an in-depth look into the battleground states that will ultimately decide who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave starting next January. This series will be ordered, roughly, by the states expected to be the most competitive this year. Many will be the usual suspects; others are new to the battleground category this… Read more »

This Is Just Insane

The Trump campaign has officially jumped the shark, dear readers. It’s over, and this time, we know why. Nate Silver reports this afternoon that the Trump campaign believes he’s going to win right here in Maryland. Yes, you read that right. Do not adjust your television set. John Fritze has the appropriately bemused response. My less kind but much more fun conclusion… Read more »

Rebellion In The GOP Ranks

Cheerful news on a stormy Friday afternoon: CNN reporting right now that House conservatives, led again by the redoubtable nutball Mark Meadows, are rebelling against Paul Ryan’s continuing as speaker after November 8, because Ryan is insufficiently supportive of Donald Trump. God, I love stories like this.   And to think, there’s still 18 days to go before the election…. Read more »