The Debate: The Day After

Been waiting all day for one of those professional journalisty types to say something that mirrored what I think. That’s what good bloggers do, especially when the real world has so rudely intruded on my efforts to sound witty and erudite recently. Enter Gene Robinson of the Post. Thanks, buddy – nailed it! Donald Trump just got roughed up, and badly,… Read more »

Debate Preview: All of the Pressure is on Clinton Tonight

Tonight is going to be the most consequential presidential debate in American history; at least according to the brilliant pundits who have been pushing this narrative for the last few weeks. Hyperbole aside, this debate will likely matter in the grand scheme of things. Donald Trump has closed the gap in national and battleground state polls over the last month. On… Read more »

Maryland Scramble Goes To Court: #NoTermLimits

Last week, I indicated I was going to be spending a lot of time on non-blog stuff for a bit. I didn’t really say why. But since it’s been reported in the media, it’s no great revelation to say that I am representing former Rockville City Councilmember Tom Moore in a legal challenge against the term limits charter amendment petition… Read more »

Report: Ted Cruz To Endorse Donald Trump As Early As Today

In the latest installment of “Nothing Matters in the 2016 Election,” it is being reported that multiple sources “familiar with the plans” are saying Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will endorse Donald Trump and the endorsement could come as early as today. Because of course he is going to. I cannot imagine too many people are surprised by this. I know… Read more »

DC Nerd TV

Jonathan Shurberg   September 21, 2016   No Comments on DC Nerd TV

And I for one intend to be sitting in front of the TV, eyes glued to uber-dad Kiefer Sutherland tranistioning, in the blink of a horrified eye, from castoff wonkish HUD secretary to the most powerful man in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Designated Survivor.” Early buzz on Rotten Tomatoes is strong. Catnip for the cognoscenti. Jack Bauer gets… Read more »

The Myth Of Voter Fraud

As we head down the home stretch of an election that is increasingly worrisome for anyone who believes in a sane and rational world, those of us who deal in election law realize that the GOP success at creating a solution for a non-existent problem may well come into play in key swing states in November. Despite big losses for… Read more »

High School Sports Update

One of my first career ambitions, in my sports crazed pre-teen years, was to be a reporter covering pro sports. I was way too biased and opinionated to be a good journalist (how things have changed!). Now, with the demise of the Gazette and other traditional media outlets, I’m constantly discussing with political types about how there’s an enormous dearth… Read more »

Commuter Blues

Jonathan Shurberg   September 20, 2016   1 Comment on Commuter Blues

I haven’t regularly commuted to work in DC since early 1996 (yes we had cars back then), but for the tens of thousands of those who do, things have gone from mildly frustrating to rage inducing things like this 1-2 punch in the face in today’s Post. First, there was this recurring nightmare scenario: A series of breakdowns, malfunctions and medical emergencies… Read more »