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Guest Blog: Ben Shnider On The $15 Minimum Wage

Ben Shnider is the national political director for J Street, a Board member of Action Committee for Transit, and a commissioner on the Rockville Human Rights Commission. I’m tired just typing all the stuff he does.  This has been a rough week for progressives, both nationally and in Montgomery County. Yet while our new president’s revoltingly xenophobic executive orders could… Read more »

Guest Blog: Bobby Bartlett On The MoCo $15 Minimum Wage

Haven’t had one these in a while, but the looming decision for County Executive Ike Leggett on the $15 minimum wage bill has sparked interest from a wide range of local folks who believe – as I do – that he should sign it. If you’ve got an opinion (on this or other subjects), send it to me at jonathan… Read more »

Dana Beyer: Transgender Victory In South Dakota

The first anti-transgender bill to pass in this country has been under consideration by the governor of South Dakota. Today, he vetoed it. Dana has some thoughts to share. Two weeks ago the Republican legislature in South Dakota passed the first anti-trans bill in American history, in this case targeting trans students. Today the governor vetoed the bill, in a… Read more »

Dave Asche Has Questions

Or at least wishes debate moderators would ask better ones, anyway. My answer is that candidates are ruthlessly trained to flip any difficult question back to their comfort zone, and to simply ignore issues that don’t suit the preferences of the base. So even a diligent moderator is going to give up at some point and just revert to throwing… Read more »

Dave Asche Grades The Debate

I gave quick grades last night that as it happens mainly coincide with Dave’s view. I’ll have more later today, but for right now I’ll throw in Politico Playbook’s lead paragraph this morning, an anonymous quote from a “smart Republican” on the debate: PLAYBOOK IN-BOX – A smart Republican’s take on last night Fox Business debate: “To me the morning story is… Read more »

Guest Blog: Matt Losak, Renter’s Alliance

Over 35% of all residents in Montgomery County are renters. in Silver Spring, it’s over 50%. Our laws, both state and federal, are woefully inadequate to protect populations of often elderly and immigrant populations. The Renter’s Alliance exists to advocate for the rights of tenants, and Matt Losak is the heart and soul of the organization. Please come to this… Read more »

Guest Blog: Dave Asche – All Elections Matter

Dave Asche currently works for Councilmember Tom Hucker. Dave is also on the board of the Montgomery County Young Democrats, serving as secretary. He has worked on countless campaigns over the several years I’ve known him, including Hucker’s 2014 Council campaign, the 2014 Brown campaign, and just this month, Kate Stewart’s campaign for mayor in Takoma Park. You want him… Read more »

Guest Blog – Terrill North: Vote Yes On TP Question 1

The issue is whether to align Takoma Park elections with state and federal elections in even years, which would enhance turnout and participation. Terrill North says vote yes, and I concur. More people voting is always a good thing. Here’s Terrill. Terrill North is the Board Chair of Making a New United People (MANUP), a Takoma Park-based mentoring program serving… Read more »

Gillogly On Wellstone/NOI

Kevin Gillogly has some thoughts on the Wellstone/NOI consolidation. To our readership here at Maryland Scramble you might have skimmed past this article in the Huffington Post yesterday: Two progressive organizations merging. Yawn. Next story. But THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR DEMOCRATIC activists everywhere. I’m guessing most of you know of Wellstone Action. They provide training for Progressive Activists across… Read more »

Guest Blog: Kevin Gillogly Looks More Closely At The Goucher Poll

Kevin Gillogly is one of Montgomery County’s premier number crunchers and voter universe analysts. He’s one of the very few people who knows more about voter data than I do – mostly. He’s been working on campaigns here for a long time. He takes a closer look at the Goucher Poll numbers and comes away even more concerned than I… Read more »