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“Bridges Not Walls”

Back when I first came to DC in the early 1980s, the CSX Railroad Bridge across the outer loop of I-495 between Georgia and Connecticut Avenues (just before the Mormon Church) looked something like this: Earlier versions of the graffiti included this one, with wadded up newspaper instead of spray paint. This is from the Montgomery Journal in the mid-1970s…. Read more »

Switzerland Throws Down On The Dutch

The competition for second place behind Donald Trump’s America First campaign is heating up, as the Swiss have entered the fray. Highlights: “Look at those mountains. Those big fat mountains. We’re not flat, like for example the Netherlands. They are so flat. Total disaster. We have the best women. They’re all 10s.”

A 2016 Campaign Vocabulary List

While you wait anxiously for more data, here’s a 65 word list of the important principles we learned during the campaign: Every election has its own language. Four years ago, Mitt Romney gave us “binders full of women” and “the 47 percent.” In 2016, the rise of Trumpism has exposed the truly vile undercurrent of our politics, but it has… Read more »

“Holy Fucking Shit, You’ve Got To Vote”

Funny or Die brings us the latest “We Are The World” style celebrity video, a foul-mouthed, desperate public service announcement about the importance of voting for Hillary Clinton. I’d embed it but the sound on the bootleg YouTube version is awful. The video itself, however, is a work of comedic genius. Enjoy.

Hitler Reacts To The Latest Donald Trump News

Of course you know what I’m talking about. You’d have to be in a coma to not know (actually, you’d be in the hospital and the TV would be blaring all day so even then you’d know on some sort of subsconscious level). I posted my apolitical thoughts on the subject last night, which you can read here. On the political… Read more »

Tacos Ascending

In response to this piece of self-loathing shit right here A founder of the Latinos for Trump group on Thursday warned that without Donald Trump in the White House, there would be “taco trucks on every corner” in America. “My culture is a very dominant culture,” the Mexican-born Marco Gutierrez said on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes.” “It is imposing… Read more »

This Is The Greatest Thing Ever

With all the horrible recent political talk, whether it be Trump and immigration, Hogan on school start dates, and the like, it’s refreshing and calming to come across something that’s just, well, too awesome for words. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Congressman John Lewis, civil rights icon and now, crowd surfer on Colbert. If this doesn’t brighten your day, I can’t… Read more »