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Puzder Goes Down

In the first high profile failure of one of Trump’s swamp denizens, Labor nominee Andrew Puzder has withdrawn his nomination in the face of growing bipartisan opposition. Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s choice to serve as the next labor secretary, has withdrawn his nomination amidst growing resistance from Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. “After careful consideration and discussions with my family,… Read more »

MCGEO Attacks Barkley For Legal Campaign Contributions

MCGEO President Gino Renne is a lightning rod. Love him or hate him (some manage to feel both emotions at the same time), he doesn’t mince words, he pulls no punches, and he only knows one speed – 200 miles an hour into a wall. Nobody works harder or cares more about his union members than Gino. He never backs… Read more »

Dereck Davis Proposes Gutting County Minimum Wage Laws

It’s bad enough when national Republicans pass terrible, stupid bills, but when Maryland Democrats do it, it really makes you wonder about the eternal question: Yes, it’s a Pete Seeger song and he’s a legend but I really wanted to play a Dropkick Murphys tune tonight.  So Dereck Davis, chair of the House Economic Matters Committee, the place where progressive legislation… Read more »

No, Ike, No!

County Executive Ike Leggett vetoed the $15 minimum wage bill tonight, for reasons that just don’t measure up. Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett on Monday vetoed legislation that would have made the wealthy jurisdiction the first in Maryland to require a $15 minimum wage. Leggett (D) said boosting the wage to the level embraced by national progressive activists, including former Democratic… Read more »

Guest Blog: Bobby Bartlett On The MoCo $15 Minimum Wage

Haven’t had one these in a while, but the looming decision for County Executive Ike Leggett on the $15 minimum wage bill has sparked interest from a wide range of local folks who believe – as I do – that he should sign it. If you’ve got an opinion (on this or other subjects), send it to me at jonathan… Read more »

BREAKING: Coalition Of Labor/Progressive Groups Endorses David Moon For D20 Senate Appointment

Maryland Scramble has learned from informed sources that what was described to me as an “unprecedented coalition” of labor unions, along with CASA in Action and Progressive Maryland, has made an endorsement in the District 20 Senate appointment, opting to support David Moon. A formal announcement is expected Monday. The groups involved in the endorsement, which followed a joint questionnaire/interview… Read more »

Baltimore Rally

Baltimore Dems and labor held an election eve rally at AFSCME yesterday. Kevin Gillogly was there and took pictures, and reports that a solid crowd turned out. I’m expecting A great day for Maryland turnout today. couple of very early morning reports suggest that I’m right, with large numbers showing up even before the polls opened this morning. We’ll be… Read more »

Putting The Labor Back In Labor Day

Charlie Pierce, as usual, has it precisely right in today’s “Labor Day Is Inconvenient for the People Who Run This Country.” None of our national holidays have moved as far from its original founding purposes as Labor Day has. This is because most of the people and corporations—which, of course, are indistinguishable from each other; thank you, Justice Kennedy—who have… Read more »

Scott Walker To Headline MD GOP Fundraiser

The Maryland Republican Party has historically had problems getting out of its own way. Lots and lots of self-inflicted wounds and an abysmal fundraising track record. You’d think winning the governorship in 2014 might have solved these problems, at least for a while. You’d be wrong. While Larry Hogan has done a nifty series of dance steps to avoid getting… Read more »