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Blowing Up The Conventional Wisdom (I)

Today is my day for blowing up some comfortable but grossly inaccurate media narratives. We’ve lived with them for just about a year now, and they never, ever die. Recently, I took down the Goucher poll that assumed near parity between African-American and white turnout (45-48) in a state where the respective populations are 29 and 63%. Despite my analysis,… Read more »

Trone Making Waves Again

Newbie candidate David Trone is making waves again, this time apparently with a little ham-handed political espionage. Kathleen Matthews’ campaign for Congress on Tuesday accused newcomer opponent David Trone of trying to plant a volunteer in her office — a remarkable allegation in one of the state’s most closely watched primary contests. In a letter to the Trone campaign, Matthews campaign… Read more »

Anthony Brown’s Campaign Debts

Most of you may know that in 2014, Anthony Brown took out a $500,000 loan (legal under Maryland law) from the Laborers union in the waning days of the ill-fated gubernatorial campaign. He personally guaranteed that loan, and now, while he’s running for Congress, he’s also trying to pay off that loan. That’s not a good combination, as the Sun reports today…. Read more »

Do Yard Signs Matter?

Increasingly, the answer appears to be no. But in Montgomery County, it’s a time honored belief that they do. So I don’t see them going away here anytime soon. Certainly not from the evidence of all the CD8 and Senate signs around the county. The eternal question: are lawn signs an effective and efficient use of campaign resources? A recent study… Read more »

Who Ya Gonna Call?

As we head into the holidays, there’s going to be a wasteland period with little if any news to report. MD candidates are scrambling (product placement alert!) to finish Q4 fundraising with a flourish, but that’s about it. And we not have anything to talk about in terms of new numbers until January 15, although the whispering has already begun…. Read more »

Gillogly On Wellstone/NOI

Kevin Gillogly has some thoughts on the Wellstone/NOI consolidation. To our readership here at Maryland Scramble you might have skimmed past this article in the Huffington Post yesterday: Two progressive organizations merging. Yawn. Next story. But THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR DEMOCRATIC activists everywhere. I’m guessing most of you know of Wellstone Action. They provide training for Progressive Activists across… Read more »

The Spin Machine

John Fritze of the Sun had a weekend article about the intense pressure to get top line numbers for congressional and Senate candidates before the reports come out, and the lengths to which some candidates will go to spin those numbers. More than a dozen congressional candidates told the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday how much money they raised in the second… Read more »

Dude, You’re Not Helping

The process of persuading voters to support a candidate for office is, particularly at this early point in the various 2016 campaigns, a delicate one – more art than science. While the goal is ultimately to persuade as wide a swath of voters as possible, at this early point one critical goal of congressional and Senate candidates (either directly or… Read more »