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A New Series: “Maryland Scramble After Dark”

One of the many interesting things that has occurred this campaign season is the addition of new and colorful language brought to us by the fine gentleman that Charles Pierce has brilliantly dubbed the “vulgar talking yam.” Donald Trump has famously introduced the word “schlong” into the campaign vernacular, and in general, we have seen a whole new approach to… Read more »

Maryland Paid Family Leave Act Press Conference

A number of advocates and elected officials came together today to hold a press conference at the Silver Spring Civic Center led by Bethesda Delegate Ariana Kelly, who is the lead sponsor of a bill to establish a paid family leave act in Maryland. Along with Kelly, also present at the press conference were Montgomery County Councilmembers Tom Hucker and… Read more »

Emily’s List Up With Another Edwards Ad

The Post has the story: Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) is getting some much-needed support in her Senate campaign from the pro-choice Democratic women’s group Emily’s List. The group is launching a new six-figure ad campaign in Baltimore and the Washington D.C. suburbs backing Edwards’s campaign. Polls show Edwards about even with Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), her rival for the Democratic nomination… Read more »

CD8 Debates: “We Comin’ Rougher”

Optional musical accompaniment to this post. Two CD8 debates were held over the weekend. Unfortunately, I was under quarantine as part of my treatment for debate oversaturation syndrome (DOS). So we’ll have to rely on the media for some context. The first debate was moderated by Brian Karem of the Montgomery Sentinel. From media accounts and reports from the candidates,… Read more »

Financial Disclosures In CD8

Bill Turque of the Post has reviewed the financial disclosure statements of the candidates in in CD8. I’ve looked at them as well. Democrat Kathleen Matthews is by far the wealthiest of the nine candidates who so far have reports on file with the U.S. House of Representatives — seven of them Democrats and two of them Republicans. The former WJLA anchor… Read more »

New Goucher College Senate Poll [UPDATED] [REPOSTED WITH 2ND UPDATE 2/28] [2ND 2/28 UPDATE] [2/29 UPDATE]

  [2/29 UPDATE] Pretty sure someone is screwing with this post. It was the most read post on Maryland Scramble yesterday. Today, once again, I was alerted that it wasn’t there. This time, it hadn’t been deleted, just had its status changed to Draft. Someone really doesn’t want you reading this post. Which means, of course, that you really should.]… Read more »

It’s Over for Bernie Sanders, but I Still Want Him in the Race

Hillary Clinton’s crushing victory over Bernie Sanders in South Carolina on Saturday effectively ended the Democratic primary race. Yes, stranger things have happened in politics. And yes, there is the whole FBI investigation into Sec. Clinton’s email server still ongoing; but unless an indictment comes down, it is hard for me to see a path for Bernie Sanders to win… Read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina

Can it really be breaking news when the result is a foregone conclusion? South Carolina was called for Clinton the second the polls closed. Exit polls are suggesting Clinton is getting a greater share of the African American vote (84%) than Obama did in 2008. And it looks like the African American vote is making up more than 60% of… Read more »