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Hogan MTA Cancels Baltimore Transit Hearing

In 2015, the Hogan Administration cancelled the Baltimore Red Line, angering Baltimore elected officials and transit activists who had worked on the Red Line for years. Several months later, in a clear effort to show that the GOP administration isn’t abandoning Baltimore transit needs altogether, came up with a new bus-based transit plan called BaltimoreLink. That plan as initially presented… Read more »

Hoganomics: The Floating Train Lives!

Back in June, Senator Roger Manno mocked Larry Hogan’s fascination with the “floating train” also known as maglev. Well, Maryland has now received $28 million in federal funding to study the the floating train. The U.S. Transportation Department has awarded nearly $28 million to conduct studies on building a high-speed rail line that would carry passengers between Washington and Baltimore in… Read more »