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Kathy Szeliga Hearts Citizens United

The war of words between Chris Van Hollen and Kathy Szeliga heated up big time this week after Van Hollen called out Szeliga for having a fundraiser hosted by David Bossie, the head of the Citizens United super PAC that has become the symbol of campaign finance reform nationally. Van Hollen’s press release from Thursday: Tonight Delegate Kathy Szeliga, Republican… Read more »

Pelosi Joins The Chorus Ripping Anti-Van Hollen Ad

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi today added her voice to the many Democratic leaders trashing the Working for Us ad that yesterday drew the ire of the White House. Maybe Steve Rosenthal should take the hint? Maybe Donna Edwards should, too. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blasted a Democratic super PAC that ran a gun control-themed attack ad in one… Read more »

Keith Ellison: DISCLOSE Act Vote About Sunshine, Not Gun Control

Via John Fritze on Twitter, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, on the dispute between Donna Edwards and reality regarding the 2010 DISCLOSE act vote. Clearly, Ellison is just another sellout, like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chris Van Hollen . . .   

Obama Wades Into Maryland Senate Primary

Wow. We haven’t had the chance to even SEE the Working for Us ad attacking Chris Van Hollen on gun control yet, but it’s brought a ferocious response from the White House – and not the one Donna Edwards would want. Politico dedicates an entire early morning email today to highlighting what it called Obama’s “unprecedented and forceful” move. The White… Read more »

A Deafening Silence [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: So after finishing this wonderful opus, I check my email and of course one of my Google alerts tells me that the Post has an article about Barve’s press release. Curse you, Bill Turque, for having the nerve to publish about this issue while I was writing about how nobody had written about it. And the fact that it’s… Read more »

InsideSources On CD8

InsideSources, a startup news and syndication service site (think Politico a decade ago), has a story about the state of the race in CD8. Here’s a snapshot of a Democratic primary in early March. A well-known female candidate with a famous political spouse is vying to break barriers for women, running as “a progressive who gets things done.” She’s up against… Read more »

CD8 Heats Up

The candidates and the super PAC have been boating away at each other all afternoon. John Fritze in the Sun assesses the impact of the Mayday super PAC ad on behalf of Jamie Raskin in CD8. Kathleen Matthews’ campaign for Congress fired back Tuesday at a super PAC supporting state Sen. Jamie Raskin, arguing the group focused on campaign finance reform… Read more »

NYT Follows The Money

And finds that more than half of the amounts being spent on the 2016 presidential race – including super PACs – was contributed by only 158 families, and overwhelmingly to Republican candidates. They are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male, in a nation that is being remade by the young, by women, and by black and brown voters. Across a… Read more »

Follow The Money

In keeping with the exhortations of its most famous source (at least in the movie version of the story), the Post has compiled a lovely chart with the fundraising numbers for all the presidential candidates, complete with totals and the names of major donors. And it’s clickable so you can see the names and figure out their almost assuredly honorable occupations – environmental… Read more »