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NARAL Supports Zucker For Senate, Blasts Herman Taylor

Tomorrow night, assuming the end of the world blizzard doesn’t come twelve hours early, the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee will be choosing a new District 14 senator to replace Karen Montgomery, who has decided to retire. Delegate Craig Zucker has applied for the position, and is supported not only by his D14 colleagues but by a number of groups… Read more »

The Real World Consequences Of Seemingly Esoteric Constitutional Principles  

Currently pending before the Supreme Court is a case arising out of – where else? – Texas, challenging that state’s draconian 2013 laws restricting access to abortion. The case is called Whole Women’s Health v. Cole, and it presents the greatest threat to the ongoing viability of the right to abortion since the Casey decision in 1992. In Casey, three justices… Read more »

Van Hollen On GOP Efforts To Defund Planned Parenthood

Chris Van Hollen has an article on Huffington Post this morning decrying GOP efforts to include a provision defunding Planned Parenthood in the current budget reconciliation bill. Here it is in its entirety. Today, Republicans in Congress plan to make history. Not for growing the economy or helping the middle class — but for sending a bill to President Obama that will… Read more »