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DOJ Issues Report On Baltimore Police: It’s Not Good

Following the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore police custody last year, the City asked the Department of Justice to investigate police practices on a systemic level. More than a year later, the report was issued today and the results are as depressing as they are predictable. The report’s executive summary begins: Today, we announce the outcome of the Department of Justice’s… Read more »

Senseless Death

Forgive me a personal moment here, but I know more than I wish I did about senseless death. Watching the smartest, loveliest, kindest woman I have ever known slowly die over the course of more than a decade, despite an initial 99% likelihood of survival, the best treatment good health insurance could buy, a will of iron and more physical… Read more »

Preach, Brother Pierce!

I can’t watch the videos of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. I can’t. I’ve seen too many of these kinds of things, I’ve warned for years and years that we have a culture of police worship that encourages ever more bold and aggressive actions by officers at every level, that our laws are badly slanted in favor… Read more »

The Justice Department Stands Up For Transgender Rights

Earlier today, the neo-Confederate state of North Carolina sued the federal government over DOJ’s announced determination to hold North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill” in violation of the federal constitution. DOJ struck back firmly and forecefully, countersuing North Carolina. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, no less, gave a full throated defense of transgender rights, one that has never been made by anyone… Read more »

Dana Beyer: A Big Week For Transgender Progress

Dana Beyer’s weekly Huffington Post column talks about the federal government’s move against the North Carolina “bathroom bill,” and Ted Cruz’s last stand in Indiana, which was based almost exclusively on trying to monger up some new bathroom fear, which utterly failed. Indiana first: The past 24 hours has presented America with the Trans Political Tipping Point. Calling Ted Cruz’ loss in… Read more »

Now This Is My Kind Of Discrimination

After the bought and paid for state legislature passed a law stripping local jurisdictions of their right to pass LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws, this sign was spotted in a North Carolina business establishment (h/t Dana Beyer on Facebook):    All kidding aside, it’s time to hit North Carolina where its business interests will hurt: no travel, no tourism, and no 2017 NBA… Read more »

Police Reform Workgroup Recommendations Issued 

The General Assembly’s Workgroup on Public Safety and Policing Issued its recommendations yesterday, just in time for the start of the legislative session tomorrow. This Post article has a good summary of the situation and some reactions. A Maryland legislative panel on Monday offered sweeping changes in police policies, including giving officers periodic psychological evaluations and allowing the public to attend police… Read more »

No Tamir Rice Indictment

Bet you’re shocked by this news. After more than a year of investigation, a Cleveland grand jury declined to bring charges against either of the two police officers involved in the November 2014 shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who was playing with a toy weapon in a park. Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty announced the decision Monday… Read more »

The Most Important Veto Override

In 16 days, the General Assembly goes back to work. There will be many story lines, not least of which seeing how things go for the five officeholders who are running for Congress in CD4 and CD8. But the first order of business for the legislature will be the prospect of whether to override Governor Larry Hogan’s four vetoes. There… Read more »