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Sometimes You Need A Little Inspiration 

Hasn’t been a great week here at the Maryland Scramble transit center. Got hit with a new bout of pneumonia and a powerful bug, and I’m back to the hospital for 72 straight hours of antibiotic induced delusional sleep. So when I woke up today a blog post was not on the agenda. But then I saw this ray of sunshine that… Read more »

Annapolis Rally Saturday

Governor Larry Hogan gave a state of the state speech this week in which he managed to avoid ever mentioning the federal government, Donald Trump, or any of the horror show currently playing on a cable network near you. Maybe he just needs a little help and encouragement – so a few folks are heading down to Government House to see… Read more »

Senator John Astle Running For Annapolis Mayor

It’s turning into one of those days, folks. Another long-time fixture in Annapolis, Senator John Astle, has announced his intention to run for mayor of Annapolis, a position he sought back in 1981, losing by 243 votes. He’s served in the legislature since 1985, since 1995 as the District 30 senator. The Annapolis mayoral race grew on Tuesday with Maryland… Read more »

BREAKING: Sheila Hixson Stepping Down As Ways & Means Chair [UPDATE: Press Release: Kaiser To Chair Ways & Means, Bill Frick Promoted To Majority Leader] 

UPDATE: Press release from Speaker Mike Busch announces Hixson resignation as chair, confirms Anne Kaiser as Hixson’s replacement and names Bill Frick new majority leader. Question: who gets Kaiser’s plum position as chair of Education subcommittee? Stay tuned. [ORIGINAL POST FOLLOWS] Multiple sources are reporting that Delegate Sheila Hixson is stepping down as chair of the Ways & Means Committee,… Read more »

GOP Legislators Just Can’t Follow The Script

Watching the goings on in Annapolis, sometimes you have to wonder what’s going on inside people’s heads. For years, Annapolis Republicans drifted further and further to the right, periodically pausing to slaughter the few remaining moderate senators and delegates left in their caucus. As a result, GOPers became an endangered species in the House and the Senate, dropping to 36… Read more »

3 Renegade Judicial Candidates Qualify For November Ballot

Judicial elections in Maryland are usually pretty sleepy affairs. Unlike some states, we don’t have pure elections for circuit court judges, instead opting for a system whereby judges are appointed by the governor based on recommendations by a series of local nominating commissions. Those chosen by the nominating process, however, must stand for election to a 15 year term, and… Read more »

Laws That Don’t Even Qualify As Sausage

Following up on my just-posted story about Alex and Calvin’s law, the adage about making laws and making sausage has its limits. Some laws are so awful, so nasty, so stupid and ill-conceived from the get-go, that they should be given a category all their own. Let’s call them “rat poison” bills. Senate Bill 679 is such a bill. And… Read more »

Making Sausage Is Not A Pretty Process

A quote often misattributed to Otto von Bismarck but actually said by American poet John Godfrey Saxe, holds that “laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.” A slogan for much of what transpired in Annapolis in 2016, and none of it is new. When elections roll around, everyone praises their own work and… Read more »

What’s Going On In The House Of Delegates?

This is turning into a very strange legislative session this year, particularly in the House of Delegates. Two years ago, the General Assembly passed a law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana (less than 10 grams, a little over a third of an ounce). Last year, the General Assembly also decriminalized possession of marijuana paraphernalia (rolling papers, bongs, and… Read more »

Hogan Petulance Incites Right Wing Vitriol

Governor Larry Hogan, upset that the Democratic General Assembly had overridden all of his vetoes, lashed out with a tirade of petulance the other day. While gubernatorial petulance is one thing, Hogan’s angry call for voters to contact what he called a “radical minority” of legislators in Annapolis to express their displeasure over the vote to restore the right to… Read more »