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Game Of Thrones, Presidential Version

My favorite (!) Washington Post reporter, Chris Cillizza, had a story earlier this week trying to analogize presidential candidates to Game of Thrones characters. Didn’t really work for me. Cersei/Hillary is obvious, but Trump as Robert Baratheon? Please. Here’s a list of his choices. Then I’ll give you some of mine, and ask for you to help me do better than… Read more »

More Bad News for the Republican Establishment

If Republican Party elite didn’t already have enough heartburn over the prospects of a Trump nomination, the release of a number of polls over the last couple of days likely has them reaching for the nearest container of Pepcid AC. It is no secret they are hoping the field continues to winnow down so all of the mainstream voters can… Read more »

The Greatest Political Ad Never Made

A couple of days ago, I learned of a video, which appears to have been made in the 1970s, promoting AFSCME, one of the country’s largest and most powerful unions. Nobody know what happened to the audio from the original ad, but apparently, somebody from a local TV station took the video and did an alternate audio track featuring a… Read more »