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Note: If you are looking for a more in-depth bio, click here. My Wikipedia page will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about me – from where I went to high school to the names and ages of my kids. For those of you (hopefully most!) who are more interested in my content and only wandered here out of curiosity, read on!

Who is the man behind The Scramble? I am a lawyer, politician, community activist and Democratic Party partisan from beautiful Silver Spring, Maryland. After suppressing my political humor for a year while running for State Delegate, I started this blog to publish my unfiltered thoughts about Maryland politics. I began posting in March 2015 – a perfect time, as Barbara Mikulski had just announced that she would not be running for reelection. The maelstrom of news gave me plenty to write about – and brought readers to my blog in droves. In a month, the site received 10,000 hits. In the first four months, there were over 40,000 page views.

Since then it’s taken off. I’ve broken stories, analyzed campaign narratives and data, written about important policy issues facing Montgomery County, the State of Maryland, and the country, and been linked to by outlets as varied as the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Bethesda Magazine, Daily Kos, Roll Call, Congressional Quarterly and most recently New York Magazine. Almost 40,000 unique visitors have now racked up almost 150,000 page views in just over 10 months.

My goal is to deliver fresh, interesting content to my readers – and I’m always looking for tips. To get in contact with me, leave a comment, or email me at jonathan.shurberg@gmail.com.

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  3. Steve Spacek (@litterscorecard)

    Dear Members of the Maryland Democratic Party:

    In May, the current Governor (with higher popularity ratings than Mr. O’Malley ever had!) wisely signed “Noah’s Law,” named after 24-year-old Montgomery County Police Officer, NOAH LEOTTA.
    [State Law now requires anyone convicted of drunk driving in Maryland to use an ignition interlock device in their vehicle to operate it.]
    Leotta was killed last December 3 by Luis Gustavo Reluzco, who was drinking whiskey and beer for four hours prior, with a blood alcohol content of .22 – three times the state legal limit. Said Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger, “The fact that it took the death of a police officer under the circumstances that occurred to get this passed is a shame.”
    Yet Mr. Doug Gansler–supposedly a morally-responsible, leading, law-abiding public official–DID NOT DO ANYTHING! in stopping a June 13, 2013 underage drinking party attended by his son. The Baltimore Sun bravely told truth to Maryland’s voters, publishing a photo with Gansler, son and two dozen teenagers illegally consuming large quantities of beer.
    Four months later, Maryland State Police levied charges against Gansler, that he regularly “abused his police detail” to help him avoid traffic jams and run red lights, and ordered officers to use their lights and sirens to “help him move faster.”
    As Marylanders, we don’t need any more Police Officers KILLED by any aiding and abetting from civilians and politicians alike.
    REAL Public Leaders ALWAYS put the public FIRST–not themselves.
    DOUG GANSLER is indeed a very selfish, PRIVATE servant; is no longer a REAL Leader or a REAL Democrat; is not fit to return to any stature of public office.
    Since the life you save may be your own, I urge you NOT to support DOUG GANSLER to run as a Gubernatorial Candidate, NOR ANY PUBLIC OFFICE WHATSOEVER, in and for the State of Maryland.
    In the Pursuit of Quality Governance in the Public Interest,
    S. Spacek

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