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MoCo Renter Protection Bill Passes

Several provisions got stripped out in the final review, but in the words of Renters Alliance honcho Matt Losak, “it’s a good start.” Council Bill 19-15 passes the Montgomery County Council unanimously yesterday. First, Bill Turque in the Post. The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved legislation Tuesday to make a suburb that has been a bastion of homeownership more hospitable… Read more »

RIGHT NOW: Kojo To Cover Silver Spring Apartment Explosion

Kojo Nnamdi will be covering the recent Silver Spring explosion and fire at 12:25. Guests will include Maryland Scramble contributor and all around agitator Matt Losak of the Renters Alliance. An explosion in Silver Spring last week displaced more than 100 residents — including some who are still missing. The incident occurred at a building largely inhabited by low-income Ethiopian and… Read more »

MoCo Tenants Need New Laws

Full disclosure: I do pro bono legal work for Matt Losak and the Renters Alliance. Vaughn Stewart is also a friend and I have discussed the events reported by Bethesda Magazine with both of them. So I’m not a neutral observer here. Montgomery County has seen an explosion of high end apartment buildings in recent years. Fancy high rise places… Read more »

Renters’ Blues 

Maryland Scramble contributor Matt Losak, head of the Montgomery County Renters Alliance, was on News Channel 8 yesterday, discussing issues of concern to renters around the DC area. You can watch the entire ten minute segment here. Issues of tenant rights are a major concern here in the county and in Maryland. I’d prefer to have embedded it but News Channel… Read more »