American Sings Nazi Anthem At International Tennis Match

From the Department of “whatthefuckareyoukiddingmewhodecidedthatwasagoodidea,” a local Hawaii schoolteacher sang the German national anthem before an international tennis match between Germany and the United States, but instead of the modern version somebody decided it would be better to use the Nazi version. The Guardian has the story and the insanely cringeworthy video. Why is it that the American media never covers these… Read more »

You Wanna Be Trump’s National Security Advisor?

Apparently nobody’s biting so if you’re willing to have noted loon K.T. McFarland as your deputy, you’re good to go. I’d strongly suggest you “pre-retain” counsel for the inevitable FBI investigation, though. Vice Admiral Robert Harward has rejected President Trump’s offer to be the new national security adviser, CBS News’ Major Garrett reports. Sources close to the situation told Garrett Harward… Read more »

Puzder Goes Down

In the first high profile failure of one of Trump’s swamp denizens, Labor nominee Andrew Puzder has withdrawn his nomination in the face of growing bipartisan opposition. Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s choice to serve as the next labor secretary, has withdrawn his nomination amidst growing resistance from Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. “After careful consideration and discussions with my family,… Read more »

Van Hollen, Other Senators Seek Independent Probe Of Trump/Russia Ties

Senator Chris Van Hollen, as part of a group of 11 Democratic senators, has written to new AG Jeff “See No Evil” Sessions seeking an independent special prosecutor to investigate both the contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as efforts to cover it up. Here’s Van Hollen’s press release: And here’s the full text of the letter… Read more »

Dan Rather: Next Best Thing To Watergate

I haven’t been able to keep up with all of the blockbuster stories spilling out of the White House in the past several days, and the increasingly desperate attempts by Congresssional Republicans to pretend it isn’t happening. My jaw has been on the floor more than once today. But here’s something to sum up where we are and where I… Read more »

Raskin Speech

Congressman Jamie Raskin gave a speech at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Kensington tonight on “The Future of American Democracy in the Age of Trump.” Timely topic, hmmmmm? The main auditorium is completely full and I’m told that another large crowd is listening to the talk in another room. The total crowd is estimated at well over 500 people…. Read more »

“Bridges Not Walls”

Back when I first came to DC in the early 1980s, the CSX Railroad Bridge across the outer loop of I-495 between Georgia and Connecticut Avenues (just before the Mormon Church) looked something like this: Earlier versions of the graffiti included this one, with wadded up newspaper instead of spray paint. This is from the Montgomery Journal in the mid-1970s…. Read more »

A Tale Of Two Houses

Back in high school, we all learned that there are two houses of Congress. One of them, the House of Representatives, is the “people’s house,” with members elected every two years and with the understanding that the “passions of the day” are more likely to show up in the House. The Senate, on the other hand, is a more deliberative… Read more »

Lewis Sworn In As New D24 Delegate; Oaks As New D41 Senator

Bringing to an end (for now) soon the reign of terror in Annapolis caused by an unprecedented rash of legislative vacancies, Jazz Lewis was sworn in this morning as a delegate from District 24, replacing Michael Vaughan. Just within the past few minutes, former Delegate Nathaniel Oaks was sworn in as the new senator from District 41, replacing Lisa Gladden, who resigned for… Read more »