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Van Hollen, Other Senators Seek Independent Probe Of Trump/Russia Ties

Senator Chris Van Hollen, as part of a group of 11 Democratic senators, has written to new AG Jeff “See No Evil” Sessions seeking an independent special prosecutor to investigate both the contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as efforts to cover it up. Here’s Van Hollen’s press release: And here’s the full text of the letter… Read more »

A Tale Of Two Houses

Back in high school, we all learned that there are two houses of Congress. One of them, the House of Representatives, is the “people’s house,” with members elected every two years and with the understanding that the “passions of the day” are more likely to show up in the House. The Senate, on the other hand, is a more deliberative… Read more »

Sunday Health Care Rally

Over 2,000 loud, raucous, passionate supporters of the ACA turned out on a Sunday afternoon in January to advocate for a continuation  signature Obama legislation. Yours truly got video of the whole thing (couldn’t do live because of the crappy wifi signal (in a college? C’mon man!). Then I got to spend four hours wrestling with the damn video, ending… Read more »

Van Hollen Announces Three New Staff Hires

Senator-elect Chris Van Hollen today announced three senior staff hires for his new Capitol Hill office. Press release: Van Hollen Announces New Senate Staff Today Maryland Senator-elect Chris Van Hollen announced the hiring of new senior staff in his Capitol Hill office. Karen Robb will serve as Chief of Staff, Yvette Lewis will serve as Director of External Relations and… Read more »

Van Hollen’s Senate Committee Assignments

All As and Bs for the new Maryland senator. Agriculture, Appropriations, Banking, and Budget. Pretty damn impressive for the new guy. Press release earlier today from the Van Hollen office: Van Hollen Announces Senate Committee Assignments Will Serve on Appropriations, Banking, Agriculture, and Budget Committees Today Maryland Senator-elect Chris Van Hollen issued the following statement on committee assignments. He will… Read more »

Van Hollen To Serve On AppropriationsĀ 

In addition to taking on the thankless DSCC job, Chris Van Hollen will also serve on the critical Senate Appropriations Committee, replacing retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski, a real coup for Maryland. John Fritze reports for the Sun: For Maryland, it is Van Hollen’s spot on the Appropriations Committee that will be more important. Mikulski used her position as the top-ranking Democrat… Read more »

Van Hollen Takes The Job

Not yet sworn in as a senator, Chris Van Hollen has agreed to take on a job that no other senator would – running the DSCC in 2018, when Democrats will be defending 25 seats, many of them in red states.  Sen.-elect Chris Van Hollen of Maryland will chair the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the 2018 cycle, incoming Senate… Read more »

Van Hollen To The DSCC?

Chris Van Hollen hasn’t even been sworn in as a senator yet, but if Politico is to be believed, his new colleagues are already looking to hand him an extraordinarily important job. The bad news is that it might well be the most thankless job on Capitol Hill – running the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2018, when Democrats will be… Read more »