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Maryland Civics 101

In some respects, Governor Larry Hogan has shown some real skill with social media and other forms of digital communication. Currently, he’s running a series of Facebook ads critiquing what he sees as vulnerable Democratic state senators for what he portrays as bad votes. Here’s one targeting Senator Kathy Klausmeier: Putting aside the merits (or not) of the content of… Read more »

Annapolis Rally Saturday

Governor Larry Hogan gave a state of the state speech this week in which he managed to avoid ever mentioning the federal government, Donald Trump, or any of the horror show currently playing on a cable network near you. Maybe he just needs a little help and encouragement – so a few folks are heading down to Government House to see… Read more »

Petition: Call On Larry Hogan To Oppose ACA Repeal

The MCDCC has another petition out, this one calling for Governor Larry Hogan, who appears to have forgotten the name of the current occupant of the White House, to oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Health insurance coverage for at least 430,000 Marylanders would be at risk in the event of repeal. Go sign.

Koch Brothers Condemn Trump Immigration Order – But Not Hogan

The uber right wing Koch operation today condemned Donald Trump’s extraordinary order barring refugees and travel from seven countries. Leaders of the influential Koch network on Sunday expressed opposition to President Trump’s controversial ban on refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, saying the executive order is not in keeping with their aims to build a free and open society. “We believe… Read more »

Hogan Reform Gambit Part I: Background Checks On Legislative Appointees

Continuing with Larry Hogan’s run of “really shitty things that outrage Democrats but which are nevertheless strategically effective,” Larry Hogan has asked recent delegate appointees Jheanelle Wilkins and Nick Mosby to submit to background checks before he makes a formal appointment. Neither has agreed, and rightfully so, because he still has to appoint them barring something on the level of… Read more »

Governor 2018: Fundraising Round 1 Goes To Hogan

And another round like this one might just end the bout before it even gets started. You know, because you read all my posts (no, “some” is not acceptable), that Larry Hogan raised $3,923,807 in the past year and has $4.6 million cash on hand. How huge is that number? Go back to 2013, take the annual reports of Doug… Read more »

Gubernatorial Fundraising: Hogan Puts Up A Huge Number

Governor Larry Hogan’s campaign finance report is out, and it’s a monster.   Let’s see what the likely Democratic challengers post for their numbers before we draw any final conclusions, but um, that’s a really big . . . number he’s got there. For reference purposes, Hogan spent far less than what he now has on hand in the 2014… Read more »

Hogan Proposes Sick Leave Bill 

Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference today to announce a bill that initially sounds great: he wants a statewide sick leave bill (thanks to Bryan Sears for the video, which you can fast forward to 6:00, when the presser actually starts). Here’s the Hogan press release: Hurrah, right? No. First off, this bill only applies to employers with more than 50… Read more »

Hogan ❤️s Montgomery County

Betcha thought “huh, I wonder what that’s about?” Click. Sorry. That was sarcasm. The Corridor Cities Transitway, the county’s main transportation project after the Purple Line, just got zeroed out in Hogan’s new six year transportation budget. Nothing. Bupkis. Nada. Hogan’s proposed six-year transportation budget includes no money for the Corridor Cities Transitway, which has been planned since at least 2000… Read more »

DOG BITES MAN: Clinton, Van Hollen Lead Big In Maryland

The Sun has unshocking news this morning: Hillary Clinton and Chris Van Hollen have large leads in Maryland over their GOP opponents, Donald Trump and Kathy Szeliga. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is deeply unpopular in Maryland and could be acting as a weight on the GOP candidate for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat, according to a statewide poll to… Read more »