Sometimes You Need A Little Inspiration 

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Hasn’t been a great week here at the Maryland Scramble transit center. Got hit with a new bout of pneumonia and a powerful bug, and I’m back to the hospital for 72 straight hours of antibiotic induced delusional sleep.

So when I woke up today a blog post was not on the agenda. But then I saw this ray of sunshine that just cried out for attention.

If you’ve been around Maryland Democratic politics for the last several years – especially Young Democratic circles and women’s groups – you know Sarah Elfreth. I’m 

If you’ve worked the State House during a recent legislative session, you’ve probably seen Elfreth there.

If you’re a civic or political activist in and around Annapolis, you know Sarah Elfreth. Even if you don’t follow politics too closely, Elfreth may have appeared on your doorstep, campaigning for House Speaker Mike Busch (D) or for state Sen. John Astle (D) or for Anne Arundel County Councilman Chris Trumbauer (D) – or for politicians she admires who live farther away from her downtown Annapolis home.

Now Elfreth, 28, is about to take the next step in her political journey: On Thursday, she’s filing paperwork to become a candidate for Astle’s District 30 Senate seat. A formal event to launch her candidacy will take place in mid-July.

Go read the rest. Sarah is one of the most plugged in, engaged, passionate, wonky and likeable people in politics today. Just before I got sick we chatted about her campaign and I offered any help I had to give. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do that but there’s a long campaign ahead.

Sarah deserves your support. So much so that I roused myself from antibiotic torpor to write this now rather than later,

Good night, all. Go Sarah!

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  1. Paul Bardack

    Just returned from a vacation, sans Internet, and saw this. Hope you’re feeling better. There are a lot of people saying prayers for your complete healing. Paul


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