Time to Give Back: A Helping Hand for the Shurberg Family

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Dear readers,

Many of you may have noticed that the Maryland Scramble has not recently posted fresh content from Jonathan, our witty Snarkster in Chief and Master of Whispers. Jonathan is currently hospitalized with a severe illness, fighting bravely to return home to his work and his children.

Jonathan’s eldest has returned home from college to care for his father and younger brother, and could use help from the Maryland Scramble community during this difficult time. He has set up a fundraiser for medical costs and other expenses, which can be located here: https://www.youcaring.com/jonathanshurberg-781279.

For more than two years, Jon has provided breaking news and insightful commentary on Maryland and national politics through the Maryland Scramble — and for decades, he has worked to make Maryland a better place.

I first met Jon in 2014, when I interned on his state delegate campaign, and helped run the backend of this blog for the first year of its publication. Jon has always been a reminder to me that even within the Beltway, there are people in politics who are honest, pure, and dedicated towards creating real good. Please donate to his fundraiser — let’s do everything we can to get him back home.

— Geneva Kropper
Apprentice Scrambler

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