The Greatest Political Ad Never Made

A couple of days ago, I learned of a video, which appears to have been made in the 1970s, promoting AFSCME, one of the country’s largest and most powerful unions. Nobody know what happened to the audio from the original ad, but apparently, somebody from a local TV station took the video and did an alternate audio track featuring a Paulie Walnuts kind of vibe, the end result of which is simultaneously insanely hilarious, totally profane and NSFW, and something that I hear the folks at AFSCME totally love.

Without further ado, I give you the greatest political ad never made: “AFSCME: The Fuckin’ Union That Works For You” 

1989 All Over Again

Not a great year politically (one good thing was that I met my future wife in January, the day after George Bush the elder was sworn into office).

One of the worst things that happened that year was the end of Bloom County, assuredly one of the greatest comic strips ever.

Well, now it’s BACK. Today, for the first time in over 26 years. Some of you out there weren’t even alive when Berkeley Breathed last published Bloom County.

Apparently, we have one Mr. Donald Trump to thank for inspiring the return of Opus, Milo, sleazy lawyer Steve Dallas, and hopefully the rest of the characters. First useful thing Trump has done in his life, however unintentionally.