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Baltimore Mayoral Summary Chart

Kevin Gillogly has compiled a summary chart of all mayoral campaign finance filings exclusively for Maryland Scramble. I’ll focus on the top six below, and finish with an assessment of where things stand. To be clear, the opinions are mine, not Kevin’s or anyone else’s. Receipts (exclusive of loans): Pugh $648,000, Dixon $423,000, Embry $415,000, Warnock $361,000, Mosby $320,000, Stokes $180,000… Read more »

Late Night Shocker: Elizabeth Embry Raises $416K

The last of the six major mayoral candidates, Elizabeth Embry, filed her campaign finance report late tonight and it took everyone by surprise. Embry raised $416,000, only spent $22,000, and has $393,000 cash on hand. She has significantly more money in the bank than Sheila Dixon, Nick Mosby, or Carl Stokes. Only Catherine Pugh raised more money (Sheila Dixon had virtually the… Read more »

Sheila Dixon Fundraising Report 

The former mayor has now filed her report, and while it’s good, it’s nowhere near as good as her position in the polls. Dixon started with $77,000 in the bank, raised $423,000, spent $180,000, and has $320,000 in the bank, half the amount of Catherine Pugh and one third the cash on hand of David Warnock. Given Dixon’s negatives, it has to… Read more »

Carl Stokes Fundraising Report 

Not such good news for Councilman Stokes. Despite starting off with a substantial balance in the bank ($110,000), Stokes only raised $180,000, and spent $132,000 of it (73.3% burn rate), leaving a cash on hand balance of $158,000, less than a quarter of the money Catherine Pugh has amassed. Here’s the bloody details. 

Nick Mosby Fundraising Report

Councilman Nick Mosby had been keeping a low profile in the fundraising chatter of late, which had at least a few observers a little nervous. Well, he’s filed his report now, and it’s good. A little heavy on the spending (37% burn rate), but otherwise nothing to complain about. He raised $320,000, spent $118,000, and has $202,000 cash on hand. Now… Read more »

Warnock Fundraising Report

As previously mentioned, David Warnock loaned his campaign $950,000. The report is now filed. Warnock raised $361,000, spent $384,000 and has $927,000 cash on hand. It’s a good start on the fundraising side, but it’s dwarfed by Catherine Pugh. Despite his $950K loan, her cash on hand is only $264K behind Warnock. I’m going to be doing a series of rapid… Read more »

BREAKING: Pugh Raises $648K

State Senator and mayoral candidate Catherine Pugh is first out of the gate with a filed report this morning, and she’s put up a strong number. She started with $114,000, raised $648,000, spent $97,000, and has $664,000 cash on hand. Let’s see what the other mayoral candidates post as the day goes forward. Not to mention all the City Council candidates,… Read more »

Warren Branch Raises $17K

Baltimore City Council incumbent Warren Branch, who won the District 13 primary in 2011 by 43 votes over Shannon Sneed, has filed his campaign finance report and the numbers are not great. He raised a little over $17K, and has $21K cash on hand. By contrast, Sneed raised over $50,000, a 3-1 advantage. As she has not filed her report yet,… Read more »

New Baltimore Poll: Dixon Leads

More poll data from Patrick Gonzales, this time in the Baltimore mayoral race: Citywide, 27% of likely April voters say they back former Mayor Sheila Dixon; 18% support State Senator Catherine Pugh; 14% say they’ll vote for 12th District Councilman Carl Stokes; 7% back Nick Mosby; 5% each for Elizabeth Embry and David Warnock; with 21% undecided. Dixon actually polls better… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Warnock TV Ad Buys

I mentioned earlier that David Warnock has an ad “on TV.” Which is true. What was not clear, at least to me, was the extent of Warnock’s TV buy. It’s big. Really, really big. There are four major television stations in Baltimore. WMAR (ABC Channel 2), WBAL (NBC Channel 11), WJZ (CBS Channel 13), and WBFF (Fox Channel 45). Warnock… Read more »