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Election Day!

I’m planning to do some reporting from the field today, happy not to be either a campaign operative or a candidate today. We’ll start with a report this morning from Takoma Park, where there are two contested races (mayor and city council ward 1), then hoof it over to Gaithersburg, where three candidates are running for mayor and four candidates… Read more »

Don Hadley Responds To Osdoby Allegations

Just after I pressed send on the last Rockville post a few minutes ago, I was forwarded a letter from Don Hadley, the alleged “business partner” of Mayor Newton’s husband. From that letter, it appears that the entire claim of Hadley’s relationship to Fred Newton was that Hadley was the settlement attorney for the real estate transaction back in 2010…. Read more »

More On Rockville

So earlier today, I mentioned that I had received a press release about Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton’s alleged ethical transgressions. I’m not going to print the release, but the contradictions fairly leap from the page. There are four main complaints: First, the Osdoby campaign is unhappy that former Mayor Steve Van Grack endorsed Newton: Former Mayor Steve Van Grack recently… Read more »

Former Rockville Mayors Endorse Newton

An astute reader sent me the following letter of endorsement from five former Rockville mayors for current mayor Bridget Donnell Newton. Not taking sides, just passing it along for your information.     Later on today, I’ll have another story on the Rockville mayoral race in which blogger David Lublin, like a bad penny, turns up yet again. This time, he… Read more »