Yesterday Was a Day Of Mixed Emotions

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I personally had a great day yesterday. I can drink small amounts again and eat the equivalent of baby food - but after a month that’s huge progress. I had two lovely nurses take me for a walk outside which was emotionally wonderful - I can’t thank them enough. There’s pictures on FB of the jailbreak.

But yesterday was also a terrible day. I’ve been a student of US foreign policy for all of my life and I can’t think of a more poorly conceived, wrong-headed, badly decided move by a US president since just after WWI - and we know how that turned out. The Marshall Plan, NATO, collective defense and economic development, all have been led by a morally committed and internationally engaged United States. Yesterday we retreated from that leadership role and I don’t know how or if we ever get it back. 

6 thoughts on “Yesterday Was a Day Of Mixed Emotions

  1. Lucinda

    Welcome Back! You’ve been missed. So happy to see this post from you. Sending you lots of love, and hugs… really long ones where we kinda never let you go. You’re a fighter. Proud of you, J!

  2. Jason

    Great to see you back! Although I share your sentiments on our current foreign policy. Shameful is the best way to describe it.


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