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Peter Writes Back To Mike

Got a copy of a letter from Comptroller Peter Franchot today, responding to yesterday’s love note from Senate President Mike Miller. The tone is intermittently pleasant, nasty, hectoring, and threatening. As before, here’s a series of photos of the whole thing. My only editorial comment is that after two letters from Franchot and one from Miller, it’s kind of hilariously… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Miller Writes A Letter

Maryland Scramble has been provided with a copy of a blistering letter from Senate President Mike Miller to Comptroller Peter Franchot. And what a letter it is. If ever a letter could leave burn marks on its way to the recipient, this is that letter.  Miller’s letter is a response to Franchot’s letter to Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch dated… Read more »

Peak Ad Hominem

As attentive readers of this establishment know, there’s a big fight going on over the issue of alcohol distribution in Montgomery County. The chief advocate for change has been Comptroller Peter Franchot, who is advocating for a bill to open up the County’s monopoly on alcohol distribution. Among the many opponents of such a change is MCGEO, the union representing… Read more »

Irony Abounds

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Submitted without comment. Montgomery County Del. Peter Franchot launched a campaign for state comptroller yesterday, saying voters should oust incumbent William Donald Schaefer because the former governor and Baltimore mayor has aligned himself too closely with Republicans. “It is now November. Halloween has come and gone. The time for masks is over. William… Read more »