US Senate Tech Update

Monthly Senate update for December from Scott Ewart. It’s a draw:

Draw – Van Hollen wins on Facebook and YouTube. Edwards wins on Twitter and Instagram. Engagement numbers were good for Van Hollen but Edwards is much more active on that platform. There is just not enough separating these two candidates to pick an outright leader today. Maybe next month…

I’ll have my own monthly summary later on today as well, with the top 15 posts from the month of November. Including the new “most read” post in the entire history of Maryland Scramble. Bet you can figure out what it was. . .

Status Of CD8 Twitter Accounts

This blog post is by a guy in Howard County who did a series of “Technology Outreach” scorecards in various races in Montgomery County last year, including my District 20 race (if you care, I was strong on Facebook, not so much on Twitter). Here, he’s assessing the early status of the candidates’ Twitter accounts. Interesting stuff and I’m sure there’ll be more.

The author has two concerns regarding the candidates’ Twitter accounts.

1. Ana Sol-Gutierrez – Her account description has not been updated as of today. Description reads “Maryland State Delegate District 18, Montgomery County, MD”. Would be better if it had something about her running for Congress in the description of the account.

2. Jamie Raskin – I am never a fan of Twitter accounts using underscores in the name. It is a pretty easy fix and there are a number of good options available to him to make the account name better. It is always a good idea to have the same account name on Facebook and Twitter if at all possible.