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2015 Top Posts #1-5

The five most read posts of 2015. Drum roll, please. 5. BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE: Liz Matory In For CD8 One of our first big news stories, the June 19 announcement of Liz Matory’s campaign, which ended up becoming less relevant when she subsequently announced that she was running as an independent. 4. EXCLUSIVE: Delegate Will Campos Resigns A September 10 exclusive that was really… Read more »

2015 Top Posts #6-10

Getting into the really big stories of the year today. Top 10 begins now. 10. More On Rockville In the midst of pre-election frenzy, my attempt on November 2 to separate fact from musslinging frenzy in the Rockville municipal elections. 9. CD8 Poll The first big foray into the wild and crazy world of utterly unscientific online polls, my August 23 post sent readers… Read more »

2015 Top Posts #11-15

Day 3 of our review of the year’s most popular blog posts. 15. CD8 Going National An October 2 post about the national attention being paid to the dustup at the first CD8 debate on September 30 between the candidates, particularly independent candidate Liz Matory and Democrat Kathleen Matthews. 13 (tie). Elections Have Consequences, Part The Infinity One of my first posts (September 21)… Read more »

2015 Top Posts: #16-20

Continuing our walk down Memory Lane, here’s five more posts y’all really liked in 2015. 20. New CD8 Candidate An August 4 post that introduced David Anderson as a candidate in the CD8 race. 19. Glass Houses? In the aftermath of the Charleston church shootings and the Confederate battle flag, my June 22 contribution to the conversation about the Confederate cavalry statue across from… Read more »

2015 Top Posts: #21-25

Over the course of the week, I’ll be counting down the top 25 posts of 2015 (as of today, there have been 1,453 posts on Maryland Scramble to date). Today we’ll start with 21 through 25. In reverse order, of course - it’s a countdown show, after all. 25. Pena-Melnyk Lit Piece Starting off our countdown, a July 4 post that highlighted… Read more »