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BREAKING: What If A Delegate Got Appointed And Nobody Reported It?

This story is only “breaking” because nobody seems to have reported it despite it having happened two days ago. MoCo political consultant Neal Carter sent me a photo showing that Gary Brown, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s Senate chief of staff, was appointed by the Baltimore City Central Committee Thursday night to fill the D40 delegate seat vacated by Barbara Robinson… Read more »

NC GOP Power Grab Law Put On Hold

A North Carolina superior court judge has temporarily blocked a law shifting significant power from the governor to the legislature after a Democratic win in the governor’s race. A North Carolina judge has temporarily blocked a Republican-backed law that strips the incoming Democratic governor of his control over election boards just before he takes office. Wake County superior court judge… Read more »

Delegate Jill Carter Resigns 

In not exactly exquisite timing, Baltimore Delegate Jill Carter has resigned to take a position with new Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. The 2017 legislative session starts in twelve days, so they’re gonna have to giddyup in District 41 to get someone in place before too much time passes. Baltimore Del. Jill Carter is resigning from her seat in the Maryland… Read more »

Donald Trump Is The Greatest Internet Guru Since Ted Stevens

Donald Trump doesn’t want to talk about the Russians. We know this, and it’s pretty clear why. But yesterday he showed a new side of himself: Internet guru. I think we ought to get on with our lives. I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what’s… Read more »

Delaney’s Tax Plan

Since he’s been in office, Congressman John Delaney has had a tax plan to grant amnesty to American corporations who have stashed their money overseas: bring the money home, pay (greatly reduced) taxes, and we’ll spend the money on infrastructure projects on which many of these companies will get to make more money. Crickets. Not exactly a super duper Democratic… Read more »

D20 Forums And MCDCC Meeting

Three events over the next twelve days will determine who the next D20 delegate will be. Here’s when and where the festivities will be happening. January 3, 7:00 pm: Candidate Forum, White Oak Community Center, 1700 April Lane, White Oak January 5, 7:00 pm: Candidate Forum, Silver Spring Civic Center, Silver Spring January 9, 7:00 pm: MCDCC Meeting, Silver Spring… Read more »

Update On D20

No earth shattering news that you hadn’t already heard here last week (one update: Debbie Spielberg isn’t running), but Lou Peck has a good synopsis of the state of the D20 delegate process here. A half-dozen candidates have jumped into the contest for the appointment to a state delegate vacancy in Silver Spring/Takoma Park-based District 20 created by former Del. Will… Read more »

The Rebel Jesus - Again

I wrote the following post a year ago on Christmas Eve. I’ve written something similar every year since 2012. It’s even more urgently relevant in this annus horribilis of 2016. So rather than reinvent this year’s post, I’ll stick with the 2015 version.  I’ve written a version of this post every year since 2012. I lived with a Southern Baptist for… Read more »

“Even In Great Despair There Is Hope”

Some holiday words (can’t call them “cheer,” not this year) from the great blog-father Charlie Pierce. I hope you’ve all spent a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with family and friends. Tomorrow, the world beckons again and things will not go well, and won’t any time soon, not for a long time. It will do us all good, I think, to… Read more »

D20 Delegate: 5 In, 2 Maybe, 2 Out So Far

The cast of the play “So You Want To Be A D20 Delegate?” is likely to reach into the thousands before all is said and done on January 9, when the Central Committee will make the appointment. Let’s take a first look at the early maneuvering. First off, yer faithful correspondent is not running. So let’s get that out of… Read more »