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Trump Praised Sharia Law In 2008

So many nuggets of Trump arcana are dropping recently that it makes me wonder just who the hell was doing oppo research for his GOP opponents. If anyone. Here’s Donald Trump praising sharia law in 2008, not because he admires Muslims or anything, but because it’s easier for Muslim guys to get a divorce, no prenup agreement necessary.  Yes, really…. Read more »

Trump Porn

Jonathan Shurberg   September 30, 2016   No Comments on Trump Porn

No, really. In yet the latest “are you fucking kidding me?” moment of the insanity that is the 2016 presidential campaign, less than 24 hours after Donald Trump falsely claimed that Alicia Machado was in a porn video, it turns out that Trump was part of a 2000 Playboy soft core porn flick. My new favorite media outlet, Buzzfeed, has… Read more »

The Virus Rages Unchecked

Donald Trump is counting on me. For the second time today, he’s telling me so. I think I need some antibiotics, stat. Oooh, a “special message” from Little Donnie. I can hardly wait to not watch it. In fact, I think I’ll continue to not watch it, like, FOREVER. The enjoyment of not watching it WILL NEVER END. Burning question… Read more »

Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

While I knew I couldn’t hide forever, I was hoping to steer clear of the political equivalent of Zika virus. Alas, today it happened. Donald Trump found me. If El Caudillo del Mar-A-Lago is pinning his fundraising hopes on my help, we can cancel the rest of the campaign. Ain’t no way he gets anything me from me other than… Read more »

#WeNeedNine At The Supreme Court Tuesday

Yeah, I got a court case going right now, and yeah, Monday and Tuesday is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. But my upbringing tells me that being a Jew means fighting for social justice and causes I believe in. And I believe - despite a Court controlled for too long by right wing forces - that the Supreme Court… Read more »

Sun Endorsement

Big shocker, of course, but it’s pretty damn good in any event. We are at a loss as to what more we could say that would persuade anyone who is still undecided in this election. So we won’t try. Instead, we offer up an endorsement in the words of others — newspapers and government, military and business leaders — who have… Read more »

Another First - Arizona Republic Endorses Clinton

There’ve been other stunning endorsements recently, but I like this one. The Arizona Republic has never endorsed a Democrat for president. Never, not in 126 years of existence. Today, they did, in a series of short, blunt, declarative sentences that make the case clear. Opening and closing portions set forth below. Since The Arizona Republic began publication in 1890, we have… Read more »

The Debate: The Day After

Been waiting all day for one of those professional journalisty types to say something that mirrored what I think. That’s what good bloggers do, especially when the real world has so rudely intruded on my efforts to sound witty and erudite recently. Enter Gene Robinson of the Post. Thanks, buddy - nailed it! Donald Trump just got roughed up, and badly,… Read more »

Debate Preview: All of the Pressure is on Clinton Tonight

Tonight is going to be the most consequential presidential debate in American history; at least according to the brilliant pundits who have been pushing this narrative for the last few weeks. Hyperbole aside, this debate will likely matter in the grand scheme of things. Donald Trump has closed the gap in national and battleground state polls over the last month. On… Read more »