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Jonathan Shurberg   December 9, 2015   No Comments on Whoops?

Montgomery County’s municipalities get a portion (around 17%) of the tax proceeds that would otherwise go to the county, as municipalities often pay for some functions that duplicate county services, such as police, trash collection, and the like. Hence the never ending fights over “tax duplication” between municipalities like Takoma Park and the county. The state - through the Comptroller… Read more »

Veep To California

No big surprise here. HBO announced on Thursday that it will move the production of “Veep,” its political comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, out of Maryland to Southern California. “After four years and a long deliberation we have decided to move the production of Veep to Los Angeles,” said Cecile Cross-Plummer, an HBO spokesman, in a statement. “Maryland has been home to… Read more »